Sunday Blog Crush

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was quite relaxing. We spent Saturday at Michael's parent's house, which is my home away from home. I also like to call it a "staycation", because his mom always spoils us with good treats and snacks, and I just feel so comfortable when I'm there. Their house is 45 minutes south of Atlanta, in one of the most beautiful suburbs of Georgia.

We stayed the night, and hung out with Michael's brother and his fiancee, and spent our evening looking through old pictures of the boys, laughing, and going crazy over how cute they used to be. 

 David & Betsy

I went over to my parents house when we got back this afternoon, and spent time with my mom and my babies, as we watched a "Cake Boss" marathon. We hadn't had a family weekend in a while, and I'm glad we did. It always makes me feel good. 

 Lola & Lucy


Now, onto your Sunday Blog Crush. This week, I chose a blog that is a collection of a fashion, decorations, pretty things, and random thoughts of Lindsay, at La Belle Vie.

check it out here

I like it a lot because it is simple, yet Lindsay always has something interesting to share with us. I really like blogs that don't have so much going on, such as sponsors, links, too many pictures, etc. It makes me feel like it is just me and the author, and I don't know, it's a little more personal. What do you think? 

Enjoy your Sunday evening, and have a great Monday!


  1. HI..sounds like a nice weekend:)

    Love your blog crush too!

  2. wow thanks for introducing me to la belle vie! i think it's always nice to stumble upon nice, personal blogs :)


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