Gossip Girl, The OH LA LA Version!

Umm, am I the only who is SUPER excited about the upcoming season of Gossip Girl??! I've been a huge fan since episode one, and have not missed one since (and yes, I own the DVDs and often watch old episodes when I get bored.) 

I am so excited for season 4, and to see how Blair does in her element of Ivy League at Columbia. Oh yea, I am 100% Team Blair! I know, I know...she is not always the nicest, but it's what makes her so exciting. She has a wardrobe to DIE for, and I love her and Chuck together. I really hope they get back together this season!

Oh and did I mention that the beginning of season 4 takes place in PARIS?! Now, that's what I call icing on the cake! Here is the first promo for the new season - Enjoy !! 

What about you? Team Blair or Team Serena?!

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  1. AHH!! This looks so AMAZING! I'm Team Blair ALL the way!


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