Cupcake Disaster

You know when you are craving something for days, even weeks, and you FINALLY decide to satisfy your craving? It might sound silly, but I had a craving for a cupcakes for about 2 weeks. 

I don't know what it was, because I don't even eat cupcakes on a regular basis; but last week, I just HAD to get one. I know, I could have easily baked half a dozen. But I wanted a "gourmet" cupcakes. A pretty, fun, out of the ordinary cupcake (ok am I weird?!)

I happened to see a flyer laying around in our break room at work; for this new little cupcake shop not even a mile away. I looked up the shop, and was salivating just reading about all the flavors. I was SO excited! 

It's Friday afternoon, I get off work at 4pm, and go straight to the shop. I won't name the shop because my goal is not to bad mouth the place. I get there, immediately, I am disappointed. Quiet place, no cute decorations, and about 5 different flavors left. 

I take a good look, read about the ingredients, and finally decide to play it safe and get the "Milk Chocolate Explosion." At $3.00 a cupcake, it is as big as you would expect. Big cake, and about 3 inches of icing standing on it. Needless to say, it was HEAVY. 

 Not as good as it looks

I get home, get comfy on the couch, put on The Real Housewives of D.C. recorded the night before, and start eating my cupcake. I decide to remove the ridiculous amount of icing, and simply pick at it each time I take a bite. 

Verdict: NOT GOOD AT ALL :(

The cupcake tasted worst than any I've ever had. Icing had that chemical taste, the white cake was very blend, and I could not even finish it. 

What a disappointment! Why am I telling you all this?! Well, simply because it made me realize that I should have just gone to the store, picked up a cupcake mix, and made my own. 

Of course, I am not saying that all cupcake shops are not good, but you know what I mean. 

Lesson Learned? It is better to rely on ourselves sometimes :)


  1. oh no! sorry!

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  2. Hello...I saw your blog on the Poppy site:) Nice to meet you...super cute blog....Ill be following u:)

  3. @Colette: thanks for stopping by! So nice to meet you as well, and thank you so much for following :)

  4. omg... i'm dying laughing because it's so something i would do... especially the waiting to eat it in front of a Tivo'd episode. hope you find a better bakery!


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