Happy Friday!

It has been a long and hectic week, and I am happy to see the end of it. 

Monday started off with the morning root canal, which lasted 3 hours - no fun. The dentist had a difficult time numbing my tooth, and it took forever to get the procedure done. I was in a lot of pain, and was so happy when he was finally finished. The next two days were pretty rough, but I can say that I finally feel like myself! 

It's crazy how much we take feeling great and healthy for granted. I spent a week in pain, and laying around as soon as I would get home from work, and towards the end, I hated it. Now I'm back, I can start working out again, and get back to my normal daily activities - whooo! 

On the other hand, I spotted this "Fill In The Blanks Friday" post on Lauren's blog, and I thought this would be fun to do! I hope you enjoy it, and again, Happy Friday to everyone!

1.  The last thing I do before going to sleep is  turn the light off when I'm done reading.

2.  When I can't sleep I try to read, check twitter and facebook on my phone, toss and turn and take deep breaths until I finally go to sleep .

3.  The first thing I do when I wake up is      make the bed, and pee   .

4.  When I'm tired I       usually fall asleep on the couch, and get really cranky when Michael wakes me up to go to bed  .

5.  My dream bedroom would be     white and gray, with high ceilings, and my own getting ready area. My bed would be one of those high beds with big fluffy down pillows, a down comforter and mattress that makes you feel like you're just sinking in as soon as you lay there. I would have a big closet, perfectly organized. All black and white pictures, white candles, and hydrangeas everywhere.

6.  If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning it would be  in Paris, France with my family. I would be going shopping, and eating Macaroons at La Duree with my favorite cousin. I would walk around and play tourist, and wish I had never left this amazing city.

7.  The longest sleep I've ever had was   it had to be when I had mono and was stuck in bed for two weeks. I slept all day, every day, and had no idea of what time or what day it was until I started feeling better .  

Happy Friday :) 
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Sunday Blog Crush

I've decided to share a couple of my blog crushes with you, and make it a weekly treat. Starting today, you can look forward to discovering a weekly blog crush. I hope you enjoy it! 

This week's blog crush: 

check it out MadeByGirl

From interior design, art, food, fashion and pieces of her life, you will become addicted with Jen's blog! 

Enjoy, and have a great Sunday :)


Wedding Cake Miracle

The first hour of work usually consists of coffee, a breakfast bar, and blogs. I get this little rush every day when I log into my Netvibes account, and see the new blog updates.

This morning was no different, except that one of my favorite blogger Natty Michelle, posted a picture of THE wedding cake of my dreams!

I have always wanted a Macaroon wedding cake. A few months ago, I saw one on the Martha Stewart website, but it looked almost fake. This baby though, is exactly what I want at my wedding. A "box" shaped cake, with macaroons all around. 

See for yourself; isn't this amazing?!

spotted on Natty Michelle

P.S. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, head over there immediately! She is such a treat!


This Bug Is In Pain

Ohhhh the dentist - we all know what it's like to fear it. I've gone through my fair share of dentist experiences in the last 20 years. I've had cavities, fillings, extractions, braces, and a root canal. YES I do brush my teeth!! I know what you're thinking; unfortunately, I was cursed with bad genetics. I blame it on the European genes.

A piece of a filling broke a few weeks ago, and my tooth started hurting. Of course, I put off going to the dentist; too much work, packing, moving, you name it - was used as an excuse not to go. The truth is, I knew what was in store for me if I went, and I delayed it as much as I could.  

Unable to get through the morning at work, I scheduled an appointment during my lunch break and went to the dentist. I was apprehensive of course, since this was a new place I chose through my new insurance. I was pleased when I arrived: nice office, friendly  receptionists, and a quick wait to be seen. The dental assistant took x-rays, and I waited for the doctor. 

Verdict? This bug needs a root canal, and a crown. I couldn't help the tears that started running down, and felt completely defeated. The pain did not help either. He prescribed me some pain medicine and anti-biotic to get me through the week, and I will get the root canal done a week from today. 

OUCHERS? Big time. I am scared, and not looking forward to go though this again. But in the wise words of my dad: "you will feel so much better afterward."

I guess so, but I still can't help feeling like this is my fault, and that although the dentist said it was inevitable, I could have prevented it. I feel like I failed in some ways. I don't like this feeling :(

To cheer you up, I am leaving you with a picture of my niece and her beautiful smile! 

  Sara eating watermelon with Mimi (my mother)


MIA Update

I know what you are thinking: she's already forgotten about her blog! No no no I did NOT!!! 
If you want to know, the last 3 weeks were pretty hectic. I had to get ready and all packed up to move into our new apartment (pics coming soon!), and it was our quarter-end close at work.
Oh yea, you forgot I am one of those boring accountants, didn't you?! Well, it's true, and I had to work extra long, extra hard, and be extra focused! Mix that with packing, a move, and getting settled into a new place, and you have an MIA July! 

I am back though, and gosh it feels good to be settled again. I love our new apartment, and our furniture look even better in this new space. It is bigger, brighter, and it has a more "grown up" feel to it. 
Oh and did I mention that it is 1.7 miles from my office?! No more rushing in the morning for this girl. I also get to come home for lunch, which not only allows me to save money, but it gives me a good 45 minutes to watch the girlie shows I dvr, and won't let myself watch when Michael is around  :)
I also wanted to mention my new addiction: spin class. What?! I'm serious! For someone who doesn't like to do cardio, this class has saved my work out habits. I do it twice a week, 1hr each time, and I burn 500-800 calories! How can you say no to that. It's fun, everyone gets into it, and I actually feel like I am doing something good for my body. Yes, it is intense, but the good kind. It make me feel great, but most importantly, I have lost weight! You can't beat that, and combined with 2 days of weights, I'm good to go! 

I highly recommend it if you are not a fan of cardio, and need that extra push! 
I promise to be back with pictures of the new place! Till then, I'm leaving you with a picture of my dream engagement ring! Yes, I emailed it to Michael, and no he did not think I was crazy!
 I am in love!