A Little Peak Into My World

This is it, I have to make a confession: I watched Glee (again) tonight, and (again) I enjoyed it. It was the "Oh so awaited" Britney Spear's episode, and OK - I probably missed something because I actually thought she would be in the episode as a character, rather than a fantasy. 

But regardless, I had fun watching it; despite of the random side looks, and rolling eyes of Michael who I have to say DOES NOT enjoy musicals! I'm pretty sure he hated having to follow the Braves game online while I sat there smiling at the TV like a 10 year old.

As soon as the show ended, he turned on his Xbox, and played his football game - there was an unspoken agreement that after putting him through an hour of Glee, I shouldn't expect anymore TV time for now! That's OK - I had to catch up on reading blogs anyways ;)

SO - I talked about it before, and promised pictures of our new apartment. It is still a working progress, so I will start with our living and dining rooms. Our furniture is dark brown, with touches of green and blue. This is our first real home, and I am trying to make it as cute and homey as possible. A lot of our stuff comes from IKEA, and our couch is from West Elm. I am pleased with the results so far :)

Like I said, I have just finished with our living room, and Michael seems to be happy with the results, so I am now moving on to our bedroom. Pics to follow very soon! Let me know what you think :)


Now, onto our Music Tuesday! You know what song I have become obsessed with these days?!? I actually heard it in 500 Days of Summer (awesome movie btw); but it is also in the new Diet Coke commercial. They are The Temper Trap, and the song is called  Sweet Disposition. 

I was not familiar with this band, but after listening to this song about 50 times, I decided to check out some of their other stuff, and I gotta say there are pretty cool! A little different from what I am used to, but I think that's what I like the most about it. I hope you enjoy it! 



The Social Network

I saw this preview earlier this year, when Michael and I went to see Valentine's Day - yes, for the actual Valentine's Day Holiday - and I remember look at him and saying: "OMG, I HAVE to see this when it comes out." I also remember him sort of laughing at me.

Since then, we have seen previews, read reviews, heard people make fun of it, listen to people say it would be a terrible movie, and simply denying the obvious.

November 2004: I remember chatting on AOL Instant Messenger with one of my friends one night, and she had a link for a website: Facebook. I had heard of it here and there, but had no idea what it was, and why everyone seemed so obsessed with it. I decided to check it out, and within 5 minutes, I had my own profile.

I remember logging in everyday to see how many "friend requests" I had. I remember when everyone's page was public, and you could search people you were curious about from certain classes. I remember "stalking" potential sorority sisters during rush week. I remember wasting hours of studying time because of "quick Facebook breaks." Most of all, I remember the adrenaline rush every time I would log on. 

So here we are, and The Social Network is coming out this Friday, and honestly, I can't wait to see it. I am one of those people who is constantly fascinated with technology, and how fast everything is changing. Think about it: we have seen more changes in the last five years than there used to be during centuries. This movie isn't just about Facebook, but about a kid who changed a generation and now is a billionare

I'm only 26, and sometimes, I get overwhelmed by this technological revolution we have been living through these past 10 years. The internet is no exception, and Facebook is more than likely the most significant revolution in social networks. Whether we want to admit it, or not; we love Facebook. We can spend hours catching up on people, looking at pictures, and satisfying our endless curiosity.

This might be the "nerd/geek" in me, but I am excited about this movie. 


Fill In The Blank Friday

It's time for Fill in the Bank Friday again! It's funny how fast the weeks seem to go by every time I sit here ready to do my FITB on Friday mornings. Of course, I am at work, sipping on Earl Grey, and delaying working for as long as I can. No Starbucks, you may ask? Well, I am trying to cut back on calories, so for now, it's back to tea. Enjoy!! 

1.   In the story of my life the actor who would play me would be Anne Hathaway. She is beautiful in her own way, and I know she would do an amazing job capturing the clumsiness, the anxious stress ball, and the constant over-analyzer that I am! 

2.  If I could change one thing about the world it would be for people to take a step back, and truly realize that everything we do/say DO have consequences. I feel like if people paid more attention to that, we would be able to preserve the youth and innocence of children longer.

3.  Yesterday I was grumpy because it was the first day of that time of the month, and my whole body was sore and achy and all I wanted to do was lay around. 

4.  My favorite comfort food is pasta; preferably with a LOT of cheese :)

5.  My new favorite blog find is  Jeni @ Story of My Life.

6.  If I could meet any blog friend (who I haven't met yet) in real life, I'd choose to meet - hmm that's a tough one, but I would probably say Jeni from Story of My Life (see above), or Lindsay @ La Belle Vie

7.  My favorite breakfast food is  tea, with warm toast covered in butter and jelly, and a croissant. I know - very French :)



Thursday Thoughts

What is everyone thinking about the new Fall TV line up? I've gotta say that I did my fair share of TV watching (dvd'ring) this week, and I am quite please with some of the new shows.

I looked forward to the premiere of  My Generation all summer long. The previews, the concept, the ability to immediately relate to these characters drew me to every preview shown, and even though I knew I would watch it live - I still set up a series recording on my DVR - just in case :)

So-Did you watch it? Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

Here is my first initial thought: I can relate to it. Maybe not directly as far as the story lines go, but graduating in 2002, and moving to the US in 2000, I feel like the last 10 years have been this non-stop journey.

A journey I never even dreamed of until Fall 1999 when my parents told me they had something to tell me, and my world collapsed in the 30 seconds I was told we were moving to America. Of course, a part of me was excited, curious, and hopeful. But I was 16, I was leaving a life, my friends, my school, and my home.

I'm not gonna go through the last 10 years - but watching My Generation made me realize how much I have changed. How different things have turned out (for the better), and how we can never truly predict where we are going to be. 

I feel like this last decade is going to be one that they forever teach in school, because SO much has happened/changed in only 10 years. It has been a constant technological revolution, and we have seen political, as well as economic cycles, and we are now facing one of the toughest times our generation has been exposed to. 

I don't know - maybe it's just me, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I miss the times when we didn't have the internet and read books, when kids actually played outside and made up their own games, when we would get excited about going to the music store and buy a new CD, when we still bought magazines, when we actually had social interactions, rather than online interaction - but most importantly - the easiness of things. Because we just didn't have to keep up with so much. 

Don't get me wrong - I love and enjoy technology. I'm just worried about what it is doing to the future generations. We were lucky enough to live through the before and after all these amazing changes - so we know what it was like prior to googling something when you have a question. But most children nowadays don't even know what it's like to go to the library and actually read a book and do some research. 

Yikes - look at me: I am actually thinking like a grown woman (I should-I'm about to turn 27!) It's funny how these things kind of sneak up on you, and one day you wake up and realize: wow, I'm JUST like my mom! 

On a little bit more exciting note - I am going to France for Thanksgiving!!! I get to go spend 10 days in my beautiful home country/city of Paris, and I CANNOT wait! I can guarantee you trips to La Duree for some yummy macarons, a couple of shopping trips, some sight seeing just because, and a lot of picture to document this fun trip. It has been two years since I have been to France, so needless to say, I have the "itch"! 

I am just ready for REAL Fall weather (still in the 90s in Atlanta), and Fall clothes! I've been browsing Zara's new website, and here are a few of my favorite looks so far: 

My goal this Fall/Winter is to find a good blazer, new brown boots (mid calf height), wear more skirts, and get a new black purse. I have yet to find THE perfect purse for this winter! But, I am not giving up - and I AM going to France soon. Ahhh I can't wait!!!! 


Busy Bee

I know, I have been a bad blogger. It's not that I am forgetting about it - I simply have not had a minute to myself this week. Don't worry, this is isn't going to be a "this is what I have been doing day by day" update. 

First of all, GREAT NEWS: I am participating in this Guest Audit Program at work, and I get to work directly with the Internal Auditing Group. Now this may sound really boring to you (no really, I understand), but this is an amazing opportunity for my career. I was given my first audit to work on (all by myself!), and I am so glad I finally get to do what I actually WANT to do going forward in my career. 

Of course, this means that I have more work on top of my regular work; so you can imagine that I don't really have a lot of down (blog) time at work anymore - at least until the audit is over. If this works out, and I do well; I will get to work on more audits. I am hoping that when the time comes (hopefully early next year) for me to get promoted/move to a new department, I will be considered for the IA group. Either way, it is a good resume builder, and right now, I am taking all the experience I can get - so YAY for that! 

I've been working on a few home projects as well, so last night, I went to IKEA, and got the shelves I had been wanting for our living room. I did not like the little bookshelf we were using as a DVD holder because it was just too small, and cluttered. 

My idea was to get those shelves that have all the hidden screws/bars, and to hang 3 from the bottom of the wall, and use them as our DVD/decoration holders. I know it doesn't make much sense right now, but all I have is a phone picture, so I hope you will be able to understand what I am talking about! 

I was pretty happy with the result. You can tell by the green and blue candles that those are the colors of our living room; as well as dark brown furniture. Gosh - I MUST post pictures of our new apt. What do you think!?

I did want to apologize for missing the Sunday Blog Crush two weeks in a row. The truth is: now that the NFL is back, I will be going/watching the Falcons games every week, and I usually try to avoid getting on the computer on Sundays. So I will try to incorporate my blog crushes into random weekly posts. 

Let's talk TV for a minute. Did you guys watch the premiere of Glee? What did you think? I'm not gonna lie - I didn't watch every single episode of season 1, but overall I knew what was going on, so I decided to watch the premiere. I enjoyed it. I am not necessarily interested in some of the story lines, but I enjoyed the singing.

You know what I am disappointed about though? Season 3 of The Rachel Zoe Project. First of all, is it me, or was this season SUPER short?! And what was up with the constant negativity from Rodger, the complaints about working too much (from Brad and Jordan), what happened to Ashley (was she fired?!), and the baby talk - UGH! Seriously, I love Rachel Zoe, and I love fashion. Hence why I watch the show. I really don't think that all the drama in their personal life was necessary. I actually missed Taylor too. Yes, she was a bitch at times - but she knew what she was doing, and I enjoyed that part. I could care LESS about Roger getting mad every other second because he is not getting enough attention from Rachel! How old are you Rodg'!?

Last but not least: GOSSIP GIRL! As you can imagine, I have been in heaven watching the first two episode of this season; since it was mostly filmed in Paris. So far, I am loving this season. Good drama, twists, and I LOVE that Blair and Serena are going to school together. Yes, I am Team Blair, and I cannot WAIT to see what she has under her sleeves for this season. Along with her amazing clothes, purses, shoes and accessories that I am constantly drooling over. I think this season has a lot of potential. Please, don't judge me for being a Gossip Girl fan! It keeps me young, haha!


And because I missed my Music Tuesday post, here is my pick for this week :) Her name is Priscilla Ahn, and the song is called Dream. I love her smooth voice, and there is just something about this song that takes me back in time when I actually was a little girl, and would think about what life would be once I grew up.



Fill In The Blank Friday

I know you are all just as excited as I am for the weekend. I am looking forward to a nice weekend at home, and some relaxation. We have no definite plans, and I am LOVING it! 

I am excited though, because I am actually going to the mall for a little shopping trip after work. I have been drooling over the Zara website so much lately that M boo just told me to go ahead and treat myself to something nice :)

1.   When I get a day to myself I like to  drink tea, get in comfy clothes and watch all my shows, read blogs, take little naps - but I somehow ALWAYS end up cleaning halfway through the day! 

2.  High school was....good and bad. It was great until halfway through my Junior year, when my parents decided to move from Paris, France; to Atlanta, GA. It was really tough to make friends, to get into always formed groups..and unfortunately, my high school was not the friendliest. I made up for it in college though!

3.  A little dream I have is: OK if we're going superficial - I want to be able to walk in a Hermes store, and buy a Birkin Bag. Haha big dream, right?! But really - I want to wake up one day knowing I have a great husband, amazing kids, a good career, a roof under my head, and everything else would be perfect. 

4.  A big dream I have is to be able to say that I did something life changing - that had a significant impact on people's lives.

5.  If I could drive any car my pick would be  a Lexus SUV - GX 470. I am in LOVE with that car! 
6.  A time that I felt really and truly beautiful was when I finally figured out how to straighten my curly/frizzy hair. I finally felt CUTE! Haha!

7.  Tomorrow I all day because I'm Jewish, and it's Yom Kippur. 



I Am Obsessed

With the ZARA Kids TRF collection. No, I do not have kids, but I have a niece, and for now, she is the only "doll" I can play with!

I was browsing through Zara's new website, and came across their "LookBook" for September. I fell in love. Not only with the outfits, but with this little girl. Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?!

images via  Zara Kids

I am thankful for the fact that my niece is already obsessed with clothes and shoes (yes, she is only 3 and a half!). I HAVE to get my hands on one of those outfits for her.

Don't you think she can pull it off?!


Some News & Music Tuesday

I know, it has been a couple of days since I've been around, but I promise I have a valid excuse. It is called being an Accountant, and not being able to escape month-end close. It is the most hectic week at work, and usually involves late nights, no lunch breaks, and barely time to take a bathroom break (no lie!).

Michael and I went to Pittsburgh this past week-end, to visit one of his friends; but also go to the Falcons vs. Steelers game. What a nice little trip. Pittsburgh is such a neat city. I didn't realize it was on the water, with bridges all over. Michael's friend was such a great host, and tried to take around as many places as he could.

Saturday, we ate lunch at Primanti's - an apparently very famous sandwich shop. They are served with coleslaw and fries (I could only eat half!) We walked around "South Side", drove around the city, went out to a nice dinner, and ended up at the casino. It was my first time EVER and I won $132 playing craps! Not too shabby huh!?

Sunday was the big game day. We did not go tailgate, but did get there early enough to meet two of my college friends for a few pre-game drinks. You can say it's a small world when you find out that one of your friends is also in Pittsburgh for the game!

The game was everything you can imagine from a big winning team city. I have never seen so many people wear a team's jersey in my life. Women had Steeler's purses and earrings, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, you name it. The atmosphere was great. It was vibrant. It was loud. It was an awesome experience.

Yes, the Falcons lost. Yes, I teared up (don't judge me). Yes, Steelers fans were mean to us and rubbed it in. Yes, I told Michael I wasn't sure I could handle another road game. I'm sorry, but it's one thing to lose at home; but losing, and living it through the winning team's city - that's just torture!

All in all, I am glad we did it. It was a fun experience, and we enjoyed Pittsburgh a lot. I'm not sure we would have ever gone to Pittsburgh if it wasn't for the game. It did remind me once again, of how much I love Atlanta.


As for your Music Tuesday, this week I picked  Florence & The Machines. You may have heard their first single all over the Eat, Pray, Love movie trailer. I fell in love with their album while listening to it at work today. Let me know what you think!



Still Alive

Hello Lovelies! I just wanted to stop by to say that I have not gone MIA, or forgotten about my blog!

Last week was my month-end close week at work, which meant that I worked late every night - and did not have much time for anything else. And this past weekend, we were in Pittsburgh for the Falcons vs. Steelers game. Interesting experience, which I am going to share with you VERY soon! 

Today is the last day of close at work, and after that, I am BACK! 

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!!


Music Tuesdays

I love Tuesdays after a Holiday. No Monday morning blues, 4 day work week, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. We are so close to Fall, it's amazing. It is starting to get cooler down here in the hot and humid south, and I am loving it.

I had a great Holiday weekend filled with a lot of college football, pool time, and cook out with friend; ending with a nice dinner at my parents house. We ate a lot, laughed a lot, and most importantly: we got to RELAX.

I am already looking forward to this weekend though. Michael and I are going to Pittsburgh for the Falcons vs. Steelers opener. We are huge Falcons fans, and Michael has a good friend up there, so we thought it would be fun to go to a road game, while visiting our friend, and a new city. I can't wait. I love discovering new cities.


I thought a lot about the Music Tuesday today, and decided to go "French" this week.

Now, this is serious, because I am about to talk about an artist who has touched my heart in many, many ways. It is tough, because I know that you will not understand the lyrics, but I am hoping that you will still get an idea of how amazing he is!

The artist in question is Raphael Haroche. I discovered him 6 years ago, and was immediately blown away by his music, his lyrics, and the passion in his voice.

The song is called Caravane, and describes the pain the guy is feeling; thinking about the possibility of breaking up with his girlfriend. He is asking her to come away with him, and simply forget about everything else.

The girl in the video is Melanie Thierry, a French actress, and Raphael's girlfriend in real life. I love their chemistry, and passion in this video.



Fill in the Blank Friday

Yes, it is Friday morning, and I somehow made it to work after such a long day/night of college football fun. How can I describe Georgia State's first game? I'd say that it exceeded all my expectations. 

Tailgating was awesome, and up to par with most tailgates I've gone to. The GA Dome had an electric vibe, the students were going crazy, and 30,237 showed up to watch the Panthers win 41-7 against Shorter College. This was a night GSU fans will never forget.

It was one of the best and most memorable sport experience I've ever had; and I know I will always be proud to say that I was at the GSU's first football game ever!


Here are your Fill in the Blank Friday! Enjoy!!!

1.  If I didn't have to work anymore I would  spend more time with my family, learn how to be more crafty, travel, and of course, have a couple of babies, and be the best mom/housewife I could ever be!

2.  My favorite thing about a vacation is  not having a set agenda, or being subject to other people's schedules. I love waking up, and do whatever I feel on a particular day - or decide to be lazy and do absolutely nothing. 

3.  When packing for a trip I  lay everything I want to bring on my bed, then go through two or three times, always asking myself  "am I really gonna wear this!?". I usually take more than I should, but hey, I like to have choice! 

4.  If I could go on a road trip with anyone (dead OR alive) I would choose  Kate Hudson. I've been a fan of hers for a long time, and she just seems like she would be an awesome person to hang out with. I don't know if you saw her on the Rachel Zoe Project last Tuesday night - she looked like she can have a great time in any situations!

5.  My top 3 absolute travel essentials are : well if it's a road trip, definitely my pillow, and motion sickness meds, and of course, a good play list, snacks, and water. When I travel to France, I make sure I have everything I need to keep me busy during the 9hr flight: book, magazines, ipod, snacks, and usually hope for good movies!

6.  Vacations are the light at the end of the tunnel??! Haha, I'm JK, because I love my job. But gosh, they are worth working our butts for!

7.  On vacation you must always  break your routine. Do things you never do at home, indulge in good foods/drinks, be adventurous, and always, ALWAYS, just let go! 



College Game Day!!!!

This is it. September 2nd 2010. Georgia State University's FIRST Football Game EVER!!!!!!

Can you believe it?! I can't! We have been dreaming, wishing, hoping, and waiting for this day! I mean, this is historic, and being able to be a part of it makes it even better. 

I remember when they would have surveys asking if we would be interested in a football program; when the talks of a football team were just a rumor, and when we all secretly prayed for the one day they would announce it. I was on campus, April 17th 2008, when GSU announced we would be getting a football team!!! 

So here we are, two years later, on THE day of our first Georgia State University tailgate, our first game, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Yes, we are in an independent division. Yes, we are playing teams most people (including myself) have never heard of. Yes, we are playing in the GA Dome - Home of the Atlanta Falcons (pretty cool!). Yes, our last game of the season will be at Alabama, and they are going to kill us. To all that I respond: SO WHAT?! We finally have a team to claim!!!

I took a half-day, and we are planning on getting there around 2pm. Yes, the game is at 7.30pm, but I don't want to miss anything! They have a lot of festivities planned, and I want to make sure I soak it all in. I am planning to take loads of pictures, and make this day as memorable as possible! 

My GSU gear for today!



Always Read The Fine Prints

Here I am, sitting at work, when I get an email from telling my that I get 15% off any online purchase as a "welcome to our mailing list" gift. Being the accountant that I am, I immediately take my calculator and figure out what 15% off $195.00 is - OK $165.75 - still pricey, but 15% off? It must be a sign!

I am thinking, this is it, I am finally going to get a pair of her infamous Reva Flats! I'll just go to the mall, try them on to double check my size, and order them this week! Ahhh YES, Tory Burch flats, finally! 

Until I look at the email again, and suddenly, my heart drops: *Excludes Reva Ballet Flats and Gifts Cards. 

WHAT?! You have to be kidding right?! Out of everything sold on her website, the ONE and ONLY item I want is not eligible for this offer?! I know, I know; the Reva flats are so popular, everyone wants them, blah blah blah. Well, excuse me, but I think it is simply unfair! 

Next time, I should probably read the entire email before planning what outfit I am going to wear with my "new shoes!"

The site won't let me pull up the rest of the coupon because it has the code on it; but you see that little star?! Ohhhh the fine prints! 

I think I should totally treat myself to some shopping today; you know, to make myself feel better for being so ridiculous sometimes!  

I think I actually need a few things from Sephora....hmmm :)