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What is everyone thinking about the new Fall TV line up? I've gotta say that I did my fair share of TV watching (dvd'ring) this week, and I am quite please with some of the new shows.

I looked forward to the premiere of  My Generation all summer long. The previews, the concept, the ability to immediately relate to these characters drew me to every preview shown, and even though I knew I would watch it live - I still set up a series recording on my DVR - just in case :)

So-Did you watch it? Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

Here is my first initial thought: I can relate to it. Maybe not directly as far as the story lines go, but graduating in 2002, and moving to the US in 2000, I feel like the last 10 years have been this non-stop journey.

A journey I never even dreamed of until Fall 1999 when my parents told me they had something to tell me, and my world collapsed in the 30 seconds I was told we were moving to America. Of course, a part of me was excited, curious, and hopeful. But I was 16, I was leaving a life, my friends, my school, and my home.

I'm not gonna go through the last 10 years - but watching My Generation made me realize how much I have changed. How different things have turned out (for the better), and how we can never truly predict where we are going to be. 

I feel like this last decade is going to be one that they forever teach in school, because SO much has happened/changed in only 10 years. It has been a constant technological revolution, and we have seen political, as well as economic cycles, and we are now facing one of the toughest times our generation has been exposed to. 

I don't know - maybe it's just me, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I miss the times when we didn't have the internet and read books, when kids actually played outside and made up their own games, when we would get excited about going to the music store and buy a new CD, when we still bought magazines, when we actually had social interactions, rather than online interaction - but most importantly - the easiness of things. Because we just didn't have to keep up with so much. 

Don't get me wrong - I love and enjoy technology. I'm just worried about what it is doing to the future generations. We were lucky enough to live through the before and after all these amazing changes - so we know what it was like prior to googling something when you have a question. But most children nowadays don't even know what it's like to go to the library and actually read a book and do some research. 

Yikes - look at me: I am actually thinking like a grown woman (I should-I'm about to turn 27!) It's funny how these things kind of sneak up on you, and one day you wake up and realize: wow, I'm JUST like my mom! 

On a little bit more exciting note - I am going to France for Thanksgiving!!! I get to go spend 10 days in my beautiful home country/city of Paris, and I CANNOT wait! I can guarantee you trips to La Duree for some yummy macarons, a couple of shopping trips, some sight seeing just because, and a lot of picture to document this fun trip. It has been two years since I have been to France, so needless to say, I have the "itch"! 

I am just ready for REAL Fall weather (still in the 90s in Atlanta), and Fall clothes! I've been browsing Zara's new website, and here are a few of my favorite looks so far: 

My goal this Fall/Winter is to find a good blazer, new brown boots (mid calf height), wear more skirts, and get a new black purse. I have yet to find THE perfect purse for this winter! But, I am not giving up - and I AM going to France soon. Ahhh I can't wait!!!! 

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