Always Read The Fine Prints

Here I am, sitting at work, when I get an email from telling my that I get 15% off any online purchase as a "welcome to our mailing list" gift. Being the accountant that I am, I immediately take my calculator and figure out what 15% off $195.00 is - OK $165.75 - still pricey, but 15% off? It must be a sign!

I am thinking, this is it, I am finally going to get a pair of her infamous Reva Flats! I'll just go to the mall, try them on to double check my size, and order them this week! Ahhh YES, Tory Burch flats, finally! 

Until I look at the email again, and suddenly, my heart drops: *Excludes Reva Ballet Flats and Gifts Cards. 

WHAT?! You have to be kidding right?! Out of everything sold on her website, the ONE and ONLY item I want is not eligible for this offer?! I know, I know; the Reva flats are so popular, everyone wants them, blah blah blah. Well, excuse me, but I think it is simply unfair! 

Next time, I should probably read the entire email before planning what outfit I am going to wear with my "new shoes!"

The site won't let me pull up the rest of the coupon because it has the code on it; but you see that little star?! Ohhhh the fine prints! 

I think I should totally treat myself to some shopping today; you know, to make myself feel better for being so ridiculous sometimes!  

I think I actually need a few things from Sephora....hmmm :)


  1. LOL....too least you noticed BEFORE you ordered them right?

  2. I hate when things like that happen. Especially when you get your hopes up! Definitely treat yourself to Sephora!

  3. Aww :( I hope you get those shoes eventually :)


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