Music Tuesdays

I love Tuesdays after a Holiday. No Monday morning blues, 4 day work week, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. We are so close to Fall, it's amazing. It is starting to get cooler down here in the hot and humid south, and I am loving it.

I had a great Holiday weekend filled with a lot of college football, pool time, and cook out with friend; ending with a nice dinner at my parents house. We ate a lot, laughed a lot, and most importantly: we got to RELAX.

I am already looking forward to this weekend though. Michael and I are going to Pittsburgh for the Falcons vs. Steelers opener. We are huge Falcons fans, and Michael has a good friend up there, so we thought it would be fun to go to a road game, while visiting our friend, and a new city. I can't wait. I love discovering new cities.


I thought a lot about the Music Tuesday today, and decided to go "French" this week.

Now, this is serious, because I am about to talk about an artist who has touched my heart in many, many ways. It is tough, because I know that you will not understand the lyrics, but I am hoping that you will still get an idea of how amazing he is!

The artist in question is Raphael Haroche. I discovered him 6 years ago, and was immediately blown away by his music, his lyrics, and the passion in his voice.

The song is called Caravane, and describes the pain the guy is feeling; thinking about the possibility of breaking up with his girlfriend. He is asking her to come away with him, and simply forget about everything else.

The girl in the video is Melanie Thierry, a French actress, and Raphael's girlfriend in real life. I love their chemistry, and passion in this video.



  1. Really nice video.....thanks for sharing:)
    I hear you on the short work week...yessss!!

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  2. lovely video-great music!

    love the blog!!

  3. Great video! And yeah, Tuesdays are pretty cool. I'm ready to work and I'm not so grumpy. Thursdays annoy me though, I just keep waiting for friday! Please follow me :D


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