The Social Network

I saw this preview earlier this year, when Michael and I went to see Valentine's Day - yes, for the actual Valentine's Day Holiday - and I remember look at him and saying: "OMG, I HAVE to see this when it comes out." I also remember him sort of laughing at me.

Since then, we have seen previews, read reviews, heard people make fun of it, listen to people say it would be a terrible movie, and simply denying the obvious.

November 2004: I remember chatting on AOL Instant Messenger with one of my friends one night, and she had a link for a website: Facebook. I had heard of it here and there, but had no idea what it was, and why everyone seemed so obsessed with it. I decided to check it out, and within 5 minutes, I had my own profile.

I remember logging in everyday to see how many "friend requests" I had. I remember when everyone's page was public, and you could search people you were curious about from certain classes. I remember "stalking" potential sorority sisters during rush week. I remember wasting hours of studying time because of "quick Facebook breaks." Most of all, I remember the adrenaline rush every time I would log on. 

So here we are, and The Social Network is coming out this Friday, and honestly, I can't wait to see it. I am one of those people who is constantly fascinated with technology, and how fast everything is changing. Think about it: we have seen more changes in the last five years than there used to be during centuries. This movie isn't just about Facebook, but about a kid who changed a generation and now is a billionare

I'm only 26, and sometimes, I get overwhelmed by this technological revolution we have been living through these past 10 years. The internet is no exception, and Facebook is more than likely the most significant revolution in social networks. Whether we want to admit it, or not; we love Facebook. We can spend hours catching up on people, looking at pictures, and satisfying our endless curiosity.

This might be the "nerd/geek" in me, but I am excited about this movie. 


  1. Ill keep my eyes open for it....I havent seen a movie in AGES....looks like one to watch:)

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  2. I want to see this too. I can't believe how much facebook has changed since it first began!

  3. I'm pretty stoked-is that totally lame? But seriously-JT is in it. That's pretty ridiculous, but I love it.

    [bless bless]

  4. I remember hearing about Facebook when it first came out. I graduated from college in 2003 and I think when it first began you had to be affliated with a college to be on facebook so I couldn't be on it. I finally bit the bullet and joined FB like 2 years ago.


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