Rachel Zoe Is BACK!!!!

How many of you tuned in for the season 3 premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project last night?! 

I know I did! I was glued to the TV for an hour of bliss, laughs, and obsession for RZ and all her fabulous clothes, shoes, accessories and unbelievable channel bags. We all know that she is obsessed with Chanel, and each time Rachel goes through a Chanel frenzy, we, the viewers, go along for the ride, and droll over the most amazing pieces of clothing that Rachel Zoe gets to wear. 

Also, did you notice hers and Roger's adorable relationship last night? It is so sincere, and refreshing to watch, and we can tell that Roger truly keeps Rachel together, and gets her through some of her toughest times - I LOVE IT! 

If you don't know Rachel Zoe, here's a video to give you an idea of how awesome she is. Enjoy!!!

Are you "dying" for Rachel Zoe yet?!

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