Daydreaming Of Pretty Things

This week is our busiest week of the month at work, because it is the end of the period, and this lovely accountant has to close the books, and audit the income statement before it can be released. Trust me, being an accountant is as boring, and unglamorous as people think; but somehow I enjoy it. 

I also have to admit that when I am really busy, I take small breaks to stay sane during the craziness around me. I usually catch up on blogs, check facebook (what?! you do it too!!), and of course, a lot of online window shopping. 

Lately, I've just been ready for the fall weather to arrive. Living in the South this year has not been pleasant: mid to high 90s everyday, combined with humidity, and not one good hair day since early June. Let me tell ya, I cannot wait for the first morning when I walk out my apartment, and feel a cool crisp breeze outside. 

Of course, thinking about Fall got me thinking about fall shopping! It's pretty much my version of back-to-school shopping; minus the homework :) 

I have my eyes on a couple of things that I would like this fall. I know that I need a new black purse, a new pair of flats, and a couple of work pants. I'm also out of my fall/winter perfume. 

 I can't wait for fall, the smell of pumpkin spice, scarves, and the Holidays around the corner. But, till then, here is a preview of my fall wish list! 

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Classic Q - Hillier" Hobo - Obsessed!!

Tory Burch Reva Flats - DIE!!

L'artisan Parfumeur, timless "Mure et Musc" sent -my all time favorite
What about you? Any ideas for your Fall wish list?!


  1. Tory Burch Reva flats are TDF (to die for.) Im still waiting to be able to bare the price tag, but one day, i WILL have a pair...or five!

  2. @Arlyn - I know!!! I am hoping to save for my FIRST EVER pair of Tory Burch...ahhh they are amazing!

  3. Those are GREAT for your wish list....Im thinking socks with heels, lol...Im going to give it a try soon:) PS..Im an accountant too!!

  4. I am completely in love with the Marc Jacob bag!

  5. i love the purse and the shoes!! I am so looking forward to fall! p.s. cute blog :)

  6. @D & Delightfulsweetlife: thank you for stopping by :)

  7. BIG fan of online window shopping!! And I LOVE TB!

    btw: super cute blog :)


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