Friday Morning Scare & Fill in the Blank

Happy Happy Friday Ladies!!!  

This morning didn't start so well for me, because my mom called me to say that one of my weenies Lola had just been bit by a snake in their backyard. 


My poor baby.  She is this tiny little fearless dog who thinks she can just fight anything that moves.  I've seen her fight little snakes in the past, but my mom said this one was huge. 

I HATE snakes more than anything - I can't look at them, and the thought of it just makes me want to throw up - seriously.  So thinking about my baby getting hurt by one of those awful things just makes me sick.

My parents took her to the emergency vet, and after a couple of vaccines, anti-biotic, doggy tranquilizers, she was able to go home.  She is on "bed rest" though. 

I swear I am sick to my stomach, and I can't wait to get off work so I can go see her.  I am giving her some time to rest, and hopefully feel a little better. 

My babies and I sleeping - thank you Michael for sneaking this picture - I love it! 


On a happier note, here are your Fill in the Blank Friday!  I like Lauren's back to basic questions this week! 

1.   My favorite color is  probably grey when it comes to clothes - basic, but it looks great no matter what.  For other things, like phone case, random accessories, I usually go for purple.   

2.  My travel destination of choice is  the beach.  Give me a towel, some drinks, and I can lay out all day!  I love it because the time seems to go by so slow at the beach..and I always feel like I'm away from everything else!

3.  My favorite  food is   pasta. I could eat it every day, with all kinds of different sauces.  I can even eat it plain with sprinkled Parmesan cheese!

4.  My happy place is  my living room, with a blanket, with good snacks, good movie or TV shows, and Michal :)

5.  My favorite saying is   "Let It Be" because it is the first Beatles song I ever heard, and remains my favorite to this day.  It is simple, yet powerful.  I also like "Be The Change You Want To See", a slightly different version from Gandhi's original, but a classic.  I have both sayings tattooed on the top of my feet.

6.  My dirty little secret is   that I sometimes don't wash my hair the next day after  a work out.  If I washed my hair that morning especially, because washing my hair too often just doesn't work for my really thin/curly hair.  I know, gross.

7.  Something friends might say about me is that I   have a strong personality? I'm usually not afraid to speak up, and say how I feel, even if it might hurt someones feelings.  On the other hand, they would probably say that I can be VERY emotional too.  Go figure! 
Have a great weekend ladies!!! 



  1. EEK! That is my worst fear! Being bit by a snake! Your poor puppy!!

    um you and your babies sleeping? Frame that. precious.

    and the beach? yes please and right now?

    #7 is so me :)

  2. O your poor doggy! That picture is just too adorable!!

  3. Oh my gosh, the poor thing! It's awful having to sit at work too when all you want to do is snuggle your baby!
    Glad she is ok!

    I love the fill in the blank friday feature. I might have to check out Lauren's site and start doing it as well, it's so fun! (the beach would be my choice too...!)

  4. Adorable dog!! Loved the pictures!
    Great blog :)



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