Lately and The Bachelorette

Today already marks my third week back at Wendy's - can you believe how fast time is flying by? 

The first couple of days were a little weird - you know, people's reactions, trying to get back into my old habits, making my cube a little homey - and most importantly, getting back into the work groove. 

I forgot how busy days can get here - so busy that I haven't had time to blog really - or even read blogs - which has made me feel like something is missing!  But, we are done with our quarter-end close, I am up and running again, and I can say that I am all caught up! 

I'm kind of an idiot because we went for Hilton Head for the July 4th Holiday - and I don't have any pictures to show for it :(  In my defense, Michael's mother was using my camera battery - so I am hoping to steal her pictures once she has them up on her picasa. 

I have just been feeling like I was 'in transit' these past few weeks - and it feels good to have that sense of normalcy back.  

To be honest, I don't enjoy Summer at all.  It is hot, humid, and exhausting.  Everyday here in Atlanta is in the upper 90s (heat index of 108 today - are you serious!?).  I can't wait for Fall, for the cool temperatures, better clothes, and the color change of the leaves.  It makes me happy! 

I miss my TV shows too.  Summer really doesn't have much to offer when it comes to TV.  

I WILL admit that I have been watching The Bachelorette this season - and I am hooked.  I don't even like Ashley that much, but for some reason, this season is just more captivating to me than the prior ones. 

Maybe it's the whole Bentley disaster, or the roast by William (so sad he didn't get a rose), but I've just been really entertained by the craziness of this season. 

My top choice is Ben F. - I REALLY hope she picks him!  He is just so sweet to me, and is the most real/down to earth guy there.  Oh, and he looks like Rafael Nadal - you can't beat that! 

I know that JP seems to be the favorite - but seriously, how desperate is he?  I was really thrown off by his reactions this past Monday.  He acted like a bratty kid, and I think that is why she ended up giving him a rose so quickly.

I'm happy about the final four - aside from Ames.  I mean, really!?  I seriously had tears in my eyes when she told Ryan to go - how sad was he?? Broke my heart - and honestly, I would have picked him over Ames any day! Boo! 

I'm pretty excited for the rest of the season - from what I saw on the previews, there is still a LOT of drama to come! I can't wait - this is such a good guilty pleasure!



  1. bachelorette thoughts:

    ryan? is a psycho! he has some serious issues. but it WAS really sad when she sent him home.

    jp? annoying, immature, weird face.

    aimes? pretty sure he is a robot.

    ben/constantine? I still can't tell them apart!

    I can't wait until the good fall tv comes back on though! oh, did you see emily's interview? broke my heart!

  2. I love ben too! Am i the only one who thinks that Constantine looks just like him? Jp reminds me exactly of ashley when she was on the bachelor,needy and insecure of their relationship. I cant even WAIT to see the finale!

  3. Ah I watched like 3 episodes and couldnt keep up any more :( I do keep up through blogers though, haha!

  4. I LOOOOVE me some Bachelorette and I'm not a big fan of Annoying Ashley either. What's up with her walk? So stupid.

    Ok. I've been a JP girl since the very beginning. He just melts my heart. i think he only acted like that because he cares for her and the other guy didn't come home! I would be pissy too. But I'm with you on Ames. Why is he still there? Nice guy? Maybe. Is he right for her? HELLZ NO. I was sad for Ryan too.

    I think I like you. I'm here via that crazy girl Raven. Just stalking blogs...

  5. upper 90s sounds brilliant to me! though that's probably because we rarely get real summers in the uk. i know what you mean about the lack of good tv though!

  6. wait, Wendys as in the fast food chain? What did I miss. really, what did I miss??

    I LOVE JP! Ohmyosh he is SO my type. that shaved head and his mannerisms and how charming he is. yes please!!

    I cant tell Ben/Constantine apart either! And Ames is SO the opposite of manly.

    but then again, I cant stand Ashley.

  7. I don't like summer either. Bring on the fall weather!

    As far as Bachelorette goes...I haven't been a Ryan fan at all, but for some reason his departure made me tear up! I'm a JP fan with Constantine coming in second. They seem to have the most normal reaction. I'd hate to see myself on camera if I was "in love" with someone dating 5 other guys.

    Let's face it...these couples never end up together so I try not to get too attached to anyone and just enjoy the ride!


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