Surviving Humidity in the South

It is no surprise that if you are from the South - you have to deal with the hot Summers, and VERY HIGH levels of humidity. 

And if you are like me, and have curly hair, then Summer is your worst nightmare.  From late May to the end of September, I wake up everyday hoping for no rain (because it will only increase the humidity), and good hair days. 

Wishful Thinking. 

I made the HUGE mistake of cutting my hair back in January - you know, wanting that cool "short in the back, long in the front" haircut (thank you Victoria Beckham). 

Oh...what was I thinking?!? 

Luckily, I discovered a line of products found at Sephora, called Living Proof .

They carry hair products that are designed to block off humidity, and reduce frizz.  Dream come true, right?! 

Well, I have to admit that out of all the products I have tried (and God knows I have spent hundreds of dollars  trying to find the right one), this is by far the best line I have ever bought. 

I use the Humidity Blocking Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Followed by the Styling AND Straight sprays.  The Styling sprays is mostly a humidity blocker, while the Straight spray, well, straightens your hair!

All their product base are designed to fight humidity - however, they also carry lines for Curly hair, and Fine hair - called Living Proof Curly & Living Proof Full. 

They are a little pricey, but totally worth the investment.  These products have definitely helped make Summers more bearable!  

Try it, you won't regret it!  

P.S.  I have to admit that today's post was inspired by Katie, over at High Heels and Bubble Gum! Check out her new blog - it is SO cute!


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