The Bachelorette & Some Music Thoughts

Who watched The Bachelorette last night? 
What did you think about the hometown dates?!

I was all about Ben F. going into it, but seriously (and no, this isn't because I am from Atlanta), how freakin' adorable is Constantine, and his family?!

They reminded me of my crazy Jewish family, back in France, when everyone gets together just because, and starts dancing, and acting silly because we are so happy to see each other.

I almost don't want Ashley to pick him, because I just have a feeling she will hurt him!

Ames - what can I say?  Of course I felt terrible for him, but I also saw it coming.
They are so different, no spark, and I think she made the right choice sending him home.  Let's be honest, I don't even know how he made it this far in the first place.
And his family was a little weird.  I don't know- maybe's it's the teeth - it was kind of creepy.

Ben F - adorable, sweet, romantic, smart, cute - you name it!  I love this guy, and yes he IS pretty much Constantine's twin.  Although I insist he looks just like Rafael Nadal.

Yes? No? A little bit?

JP - I just don't like him. Even though I bet she will pick him.  I don't have much to say about him because he's bothered me for a while now.  I can see why she likes him, and that they have a connection - so in a way, I think he is the best guy for her.

I would much rather she picked JP - than pick Ben F. or Constantine, and break their hearts!

What do you think? I wanna know your Bachelorette thoughts! 


You wanna know a silly reason I love being back at Wendy's?!
Aside from the free coke products in the break room.

I get to stream/listen to whatever I want during my work day.

Today has been a Pandora kind of day, with a mix of Priscilla Ahn and Christina Perri.

Are you familiar with Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri?  I know, I know.  It is one of those sappy girlie songs.  But her voice, and the lyrics - I don't know - this one gets to me.

How amazing is this video!? I don't know if you watch So You Think You Can Dance; but the main choreography came from the Contemporary dancing of Kathryn and Billy in season 6.
She also appears in this video.

I purchased Christina Perri's album on Itunes, and was not disappointed!

Do you watch Glee?  If so, you know that Rachel sang this song during the Prom episode (eeee chills!), all while staring at Finn and Quinn dance together.  It was good stuff.  I even cried a little lot.

What do you think of her version?  I think I like both equally.  Lea Michele's voice is incredible, and no matter what she sings, I get chills.

I really wanted to post the actual scene from the Prom episode, but You Tube removed it - not cool You Tube, not cool at all. 



  1. Hi July! Cool name!! I'm a new follower, your blog is great! I too am watching The Bachelorette! I LOVED Constantine's family and his hometown date. He's adorable. Can't wait to see next week!


  2. oh my goodness.if Constantine doesn't propose to her,he can find me and id accept in a second! He is the cutest thing and his family seems awesome. Ames- he needed to go a LONG time ago

  3. I haven't watched the bachelor/ette in years! I'm assuming it's still as addicting as ever?:-) xoxo

  4. I love watching Bachelorette! My vote is for Ben - and he has a vineyard! Awesome!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  5. Oh i love ben.... it should've been him :(


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