I Blame it on the Jewel Pandora Station

I'm afraid this is going to make some of you laugh, and some of you un-follow this blog immediately - but there is something I need to share with you!

In order for you to appreciate this, you had to have been a Dawson's Creek fan.  Not a hardcore I watch it every week fan, but know enough to remember the Oh So Famous "I Don't Wanna Wait" intro by Paula Cole.

I watched the first two seasons of Dawson's Creek back when I still lived in France.
I was hooked immediately.

I also discovered TONS of artists through the show.  It's funny how much this show actually shaped my tastes in music.

We moved to Atlanta in December on 1999, halfway through season 3. 
I couldn't wait to finally watch my favorite show in English!

Here I was, minutes, seconds away from the show to start, when I looked at my mom and gave her an appropriate version of a "WTF?!" look.

The opening theme song was DIFFERENT?!?!! WHAT?! How did I not know about this?!

My FAVORITE intro song was gone?!?

After some  extensive research on AOL (it was still the 90s people!), I found out that Dawson's Creek had a different version of their opening theme song for foreign countries.  Great.

I was so upset that I didn't even watch the show that night. OK - I lie.  I watched it.  I just couldn't understand what was going on, so I blamed it on my sadness.

And now you are wondering - umm July, why are you even telling us about this?!
I was listening to the Jewel Pandora station today, when Paula Cole came on - and it all came back to me.

So of course, I went on YouTube, researched it, and guess what?!  I found it!
Turns out, Jann Arden (do you remember her?!  She is totally from that Jewel/Alanis/Sarah Mclachlan era) sang the opening theme song I loved so much!

So - for those of you who were big Dawson's Creek fans and never knew - here is the official foreign opening theme song!

Run Like Mad - Jann Arden

Seriously - I was blown away.  I was also 16, so please, don't judge me.

And just because...the official U.S. version.

It grew on me eventually - but it just wasn't the same.  
It didn't help that once they graduated high school, the show completely went downhill.

Oh I miss the 90s - the late 90s that is :)



  1. HAha!! I remember that song!

  2. We also had the 1st song version in Québec back then!

  3. I am HOWLING at this post. Why on earth would they have a different song for the foreign show???!!!
    I knew the Paula Cole song so the Jann Arden version (I love Jann, she is from Calgary, like me!!) sounds so weird to me!

    That is so hilarious. Thanks for the trip back to the '90s! Oh and why did the Dawson's Creek kids always speak like they were 40 years old? So sophisticated. : )

  4. Woah! So crazy.

    And yes, I was a Dawson's Creek fan. Loved that show in high school!

  5. Oh man I completely forgot about that music swap! I think by the time I rewatched most of the series they were playing the actual theme music in the UK, but I kinda miss the original theme tune!


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