Christmas Wish List

Happy December Friends!!! 

It is officially the month leading up to Christmas, and I am in the best of moods!
To celebrate December 1st, I treated myself to a Peppermint Mocha (skinny), and I am listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album on Spotify. 
Life is good. 

And since holiday season is in full swing, I figured I would share my Christmas Wish List with you ladies! 

Michael and I talked about gifts this year, and considering we spent a lot money on our wedding, we decided to go with a $100-$150 limit.  

I thought about it, and I could get tons of clothes at F21, candles, goodies from Target; or get one or two nicer things. 
I chose the second option.

Here are my top three gift wishes. 

Henri Bendel, White Pepper and Tuberose Perfume - $65.

Philosophy, Pure Grace lotion - $41
If you haven't tried this lotion before, give it a chance.  You will fall in love!

LaMer collections, Soho Oval wrap around watch - $90.
I've talked about these watches on the blog before, and I have been wanting one for so long! 

And because a girl can dream, and if we did not have a budget, this would be the only gift I would wish for!

March by Marc Jacobs "Classic Q" satchel in Gray - $448.
You know, to match the LaMer watch!

After purchasing my first Marc by Marc purse earlier this year, I have fallen in love with these purses.  I want every style, in every color! 

Can I just please oh PLEASE win the lottery!? 

What is on YOUR Wish List?! 



  1. Excellent list. I too would prefer fewer but nicer gifts. The La Mer watches are simply amazing!

  2. I always have cute bags on my wish list too! I loooove the watch you posted too. It's looks gorgeous!
    Mmmm...Michael Buble...I soooo love his music.

  3. ooo your wish list just became my wish list. fabulous. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest trend report and enter my giveaway. xo


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