Music Tuesday

Tuesdays, in my opinion, are the most boring day of the week.
It always seems to be the longest work day.
And the weekend is still so far away.

Today is just like your typical Tuesday at work.
Except it's a Holiday week, so it is even more quiet.
And I'm struggling.
I have not accomplished much.

Have any of you heard of Lana Del Rey?
Her song Video Games popped on my Pandora a couple of months ago.
Then I heard it again at the end of a Gossip Girl episode.
During a major Chuck/Blair scene.
I fell in love all over again.

I hope you enjoy it! 



  1. chuck and blair tend to have that affect on songs. i heard a song on 7th heaven once way back in the way and ive been obsessed with it since!

  2. What a great song! I hadn't heard it before, love it.
    I am loving your wedding pics, oh my gosh you did such an amazing job! Everything is gorgeous, especially YOU! Beautiful dress. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. ah, lana del rey is pretty sweet. Have you heard her other song 'blue jeans'? Its my fave. She has an EP with video games and blue jeans on it and remixes of both, its pretty fab.


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