A Holiday Curveball

A week ago, I posted about being so happy.
It was December 1st, the holidays were here, and I felt like everything was going just great.
That was Thursday morning when I got to work.

Then we had our quarterly meeting at work at 11am.
Within ninety seconds, we found out Wendy's decided to move their operations back to Ohio.
Mid to late 2012 was the time line given.

Way to wish your employees a Merry Christmas, Wendy's!
If your idea of a Holiday gift is to tell 200 employees that they are losing their jobs, then you have succeeded in putting a damper of everyone's holiday season.

I won't hide that it has been a rough week for everyone.
So many questions, so much uncertainty.
Where to next?

I am dreading the process of looking for a new job, dealing with recruiters, and going to interviews.

I guess this is life's way of throwing me a curve ball, because everything was going too well.
I am taking this as a sign, maybe the push I needed to get out there and find a new and better opportunity.
I am ready for a new challenge, and for a promotion!

So, bring it on 2012. I am ready for you!



  1. O No!!! I am SO sorry to hear about your awful news. Holy cow you are taking it with so much class as I would have been throwing quite a rampage. Good luck though finding a new position that I hope you love! You're pretty smart and awesome so I think you'll find one just fine. Happy Monday!


  2. best wishes with the job hunt! you're gonna find a great fit... i just know it (:

  3. That was me a year ago! I feel for you! We were told they were moving our entire finance dept down to the US (I am in Canada). I was laid off in May. I took a bit of time off job-hunting and now I'm looking. Blech. But you are right, look at it as a new adventure. What else can ya do! Good luck darlin'! I really hope you find bigger and better for 2012!


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