Music Tuesdays

In the spirit of getting back to 'normal', I figured I would re-instate the Music Tuesday posts.

It's been quite a while since the last, and I have come across a lot of good stuff.

I have to admit that even though Spotify has been my main source for new music lately, I actually discovered this band through the new abc show 'Revenge'.

Do you remember the Summer previews for the show? 
There was a song played in the background, from a band called 'Angus & Julia Stone'. 
They are brother and sister, from down under Australia.

The song is not new, but it's new to me nonetheless.
Their album is great, and I have listened to the whole thing on repeat a couple of times at work.
I love her voice, their lyrics, and their unique sound.

Unfortunately I could not find a video for the song, but here is the album version.

Angus & Julia Stone, For You.




  1. I credit you with my addiction to revenge! Love it!

  2. okay guess what? I will be in atlanta not this weekend but next. JUST SAYIN! ;0


  3. instantly obsessed with this song. how on earth am I only now discovering it? thanks love. stop by sometime. xo

  4. Couldn't resist commenting on this post being an Australian :) Great choice ;). Hope you are going to post some more wedding pics! x


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