This Is The Life

I hate to stop by only to let you know that I have purposely not taken the time to blog these past couple of days. 

It has been a rough week to say the least - and to be honest, I am not sure that I have the words to truly explain what I am going through. We just found out that my cousin (who is also my Godmother) has breast cancer, and it has spread to her lungs, and her uterus. It is tragic, and I am speechless. The doctors will not perform surgery, because it is too late, and they do not want to put her into more pain than she is already going through. 

My heart is broken, and for the first time in my life, I feel absolutely powerless. I have spent the last couple of evenings at the hospital with her, with my aunt, with everyone. 

My family has always been very close, and live together on a daily basis. Even though I moved here from France, there are 32 of us here, and it feels like we all live in a big house altogether. What happens to one, happens to all of us. 

What scares me the most is that it is only the beginning, and the hardest part has yet to come. All I can think about is the fact that we are going to lose her within the next couple of months - and my heart is just breaking into a million pieces. 

I apologize, because I know this is not one of the happiest posts - but I had to say something. I did not want you to think that I had just abandoned my blog. I hope you are all having an amazing week - and please, take the time to tell your close ones you love them. We truly take life for granted sometimes. 

I promise to be back very soon. 



  1. Oh July... I am so very sorry to hear that. You and your family are in my prayers tonight and in the days to come... be strong girl.

  2. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer two years ago so I completely understand what you are going through. The best advice I can give is to enjoy the precious time you have with her. Hang in there!

  3. Oh my goodness... I'm so so sorry. Be strong.

  4. Relish in the memories, and have strength!

  5. Aw, I am just seeing this now. I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for you and your family!

  6. My prays are with you and your family x


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