Stress Ball

It is only Tuesday night, and I feel like I've already worked a full week. I have had so much to do, so much to think about, and so little time. 

Work, of course is stressful because it is quarter-end close. But, I found out today that as of tomorrow, I have a new manager. It took me by surprise, and honestly left me a little sad because I absolutely LOVE my current manager. He is basically everything you would wish for in a boss. I am definitely anxious to work with the new one - because I know that his managing style will be very different. 

I guess change is good - but initially, it is kind of a hill to climb. There a lot of changes going on in my department, and suddenly, I realize that this won't be the same anymore. The 10 fresh out of all college staff accountants who started together over a year and a half ago are being broken apart. We are kind of a small family - we went through the experience together, formed bonds, friendships, and I think that we are all very apprehensive of what is to come.

We find out the final changes tomorrow morning - and I have to admit that I am just ready to get it over with. No one enjoys being in the unknown, and when your future/career directly depends on it, it's even tougher. 

I always try to look at the positive side of things - so I am hoping that this will all be for the best, and I know that I will benefit from it. I am young; I am learning; I am evolving everyday. 

To cheer myself up, I went to the mall tonight because I heard Bath & Body Works was having a sale on their Oh So Amazing candles. The large ones that usually cost $19.50 each were 2 for $20. That was all I needed to hear. I went ahead and bought two Holiday scents: Creamy Pumpkin & Fresh Balsam.

In the Fall/Winter, I light candles every night; and these last forever, and smell amazing. I am thinking about going to get two more this weekend - that way I will be set for the next three months. I also got the 4 for $15 deal on their foamy hand soaps. I am obsessed with those, and put them all over my house!

I see B&B W as Target - meaning that I simply cannot go in the store without spending at least $40! I somehow ALWAYS need soap when I'm there, Haha!

What about you? What are your little guilty pleasures?


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  1. I took advantage of this deal too! The fresh basalm is divine and I can't wait to light it in winter. I may have to go back and get more too!

    Hope everything with your new boss goes well!


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