Fill In The Blank Friday

Look at me - two posts in one day! Ha it is Friday, and you know that that means - time for Fill in the Blank! 

I hope you are all enjoying this amazing first day of October. It is finally cool here down south, and I am loving it! 

1.   True happiness is being able to love yourself;  knowing that the people around you love you for who you are, and they will always be there for you, no matter what.

2.  The most surreal moment of my life was when I went skydiving, and realized I was literally just fall through the air - ridiculous. On a more personal note - it would have to be when my parents told me we were moving to America. I was devasted.

3.  My favorite texture is  soft knits, and sweaters. I was known to always carry around one of my mom's t-shirts when I was little, because I couldn't stop feeling its soft material, and used to it go to sleep.

4.  My signature color is  anything black and grey. I AM however trying to branch out this fall, and vowed to start wearing more colors.

5.  My signature style is  scarves. I probably have over 30 different ones in my closet, and you will not see me leave the house without one.

6.  If I could choose one store to spend my life savings at, it would be  ZARA - hands down! They are everything from clothes, shoes and purses. AND they are not ridiculously priced - best of both worlds!

7.  My best thing about autumn is  EVERYTHING! Football season, cabin weekends, changing leaves, warm teas, pumpkin smells, spice candles, cuddling up on the couch in blankets, holidays, you name it!


  1. Awwwww....look at you go!!

    Great answers:)

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  2. random fun fact of the day: i printed that exact fall picture out to show my adult english class of refugees from all over the world last week to introduce the concept of "Fall" to them. i'm excited about fall too!


  3. Happy October girly! Your blog is adorable. I was checking out the post below on your place, and I love how you decorated it.

  4. Your response to #7 is probably identical to the way I would have answered the question! Plus fall fashion of course! Bring on the scarves and boots :)I like that you're a football lovin gal too. I'm one as well!


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