My Forever21 Dilemma

Are you one of those girls/women who were too spoiled by Forever21, and now have trouble shopping anywhere else? Welcome to the club.

I remember my first F21 shopping experience - it was amazing. I walked in the store and left with two full bags, and only spent about $100. It was unreal, unheard of, designer wannabee clothes at SUCH affordable prices?! Why shop anywhere else, right? Especially in college, with a slim shopping budget, when you just HAVE to get a new outfit for a date, or a party, or just because you want to reward yourself after acing a test.

Yes, Forever21 was my "go to" store for years. When you love fashion, and you like to dress nice, it is one of the best stores out there because you can pull of great "designer" looks, for less than $50. However, once you get a big a girl job, and allow yourself too go shopping elsewhere, you are faced with the F21 curse: everything seems SO expensive!

Well - here I was again last night, when I told myself I would "just look around" before Michael and I met at the mall for a quick bite. I walked in, with the usual overwhelming feeling of wondering where to start looking. So many new things everywhere: jackets, blazers, tops, skirts, leggings, shoes, get it. I took a first "look around" tour, then proceeded in picking a few things. 
I grabbed a black blazer, 2 black dresses for work, a skirt, a tunic type of shirt, and a red and beige stripes thin sweater. I tried on the dresses; they didn't fit. The blazer; it didn't fit. The tunic; again did not fit. The sweater: YES! it fit! and it was $15.80.  So, what is the point to this story, you may ask? 

sweater in red and beige

Well, the point is that as much as I love F21 and their prices, I am slowly realizing that their clothes don't fir the same way they used to, their materials are very cheap, 2 of 3 shirts I buy usually shrink after one wash, and aside from a few basic items - it might be time for a new "go to" store. 

This is where ZARA comes in! I was kind of disappointed with yet again, another F21 bad experience, so I went to take another "look around" at Zara. I believe I died and fell into clothes heaven as soon as I walked in. I tried my best not to hyperventilate, and told myself: "July, ONE outfit!" 

Thirty minutes later, and $113 later, I had the cutest fall outfit! I was as giddy as a little kid in a candy store, but mostly, I was happy because it made me realize that I am over my F21 dilemma, and that Zara has now become MY "go to" store :)

 t-shirt only

 shorts in brown

sweater with t-shirt

These pictures don't make it easy (and I should probably stop being lazy, and just TAKE pictures!), but this gives you an idea my new outfit, which I am IN LOVE with! Pair it up with some tights, and mid-calf boots, and I am ready for a nice Fall afternoon!


  1. I feel the same way. I try not to spend more than 10 bucks on a shirt of F21 because it usually falls apart in one wash. Plus I'm just over the chaos of it. H&M is now my go to. I wish we had Zara. Although I stocked up while I was in Chicago! TJ Maxx is another one of my go-to's to buy inexpensive clothes.

  2. Hello..I LOVE F21...I shop there at least once a week....and then some online as well:)
    Ive NEVER had a bad experience with sorry that you did:(

    I will be checking into Zara, thanks for the suggestion:) The clothes look awesome!

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  3. Zara for life! :) I know I faced the F21 curse not too long ago. I had to keep reminding myself that if it's cute and it's fifty bucks just go for it wish me luck haha :)

  4. Haha! I'm currently having the F21 curse! I really don't consider myself having a "big girl job" yet...but I love how inexpensive F21 is. I agree that the quality has not been very great though. You know, I've seen so many things about Zara and I wish we had one here in Birmingham! Anyway, great finds and glad you're over the curse! :)

  5. Hmmm... cute stuff!! I have never been to Zara, but I may just go check it out now!! ;)


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