Wednesday Randoms

I have to say I am loving this slow week at work.  Everyone is in a better mood (myself included), and this gives me time to catch up on blogging :) 

I can't believe we are now less than two months away from our wedding!  I am going to warn you - you are going to hear about it a lot in the next few weeks!  
I can't help it - I'm antsy!

In preparation for the big day, I went on a wedding diet a few months ago. 
I lots 10 pounds.  Not bad - not great either. 

I feel like I've hit a plateau with my workout routine - so I decided to try something new. 
Have you heard of Pure Barre?

I heard about it here and there, but was kind of scared of trying. I mean, their main selling point is that they will work your muscles to the point of "shaking" and "fatigue". 
Hmm what!? 

While running errands last week, I drove by a recently opened studio close to my apartment, and decided this would be the perfect time to give it a try.  
Two months until the wedding - this should be great in combination to my regular workouts!

Of course I was nervous - especially because I am not very flexible, and I have ZERO ballet experience. 
I showed up wearing leggings, a comfy t-shirt, and the special "sticky/rubber" bottom socks they recommend for the class. 

It was a small studio with about 10 other women.  I wasn't the only newbie - phew - first relief! 
The one hour class began with a 10 minute warm-up - Pilates style - and I swear I was already worn out. 

What a reality check!  Here I am, thinking I am in fairly decent shape, and I can't even make it through a 10 minute warm-up!?  
But I swallowed my pain - and went on with the class.  

We went through different sets of leg exercises on the barre - mostly standing one leg, tippy toes, and working with the other for time periods of 2 minutes. 
Yes my legs were shaking - and there were a few times where I thought I was going to cry. 

We worked our thighs, and "seat" on the barre for about 30 minutes,  and finished the class with the longest abs session of my life! At that point, even stretching hurt. 

Verdict? painful, but in a really twisted way I can see how this class is addicting. 
I signed up for a one month/unlimited membership, and I am already going back tonight - go me!
My goal is to make in at least 3 times a week, combined with cardio on the elliptical. 
I'm taking a break from weights and giving the Pure Barre my 100% strength commitment! 

We shall see if what they say is true, and if my body changes in the next four weeks. 
I will keep you updated on my progress. 

And because posts without pictures can be boring - here is a sneak peek of our wedding invitations! 

these were taken with my phone - sorry for the not so great quality here! 

And because I love my niece and I think she is the prettiest little girl around: 

Happy Hump Day!!! 



  1. I just found your blog, and I feel like I'm so behind in everything thats going on in your life, I had to read your old posts to catch up! I had never heard of pure barre. Its a little pricy, but let us know how it goes, maybe its worth it! And you wedding invitations are to die for!!! Gorgeous!!

    Love your blog, follow each other? <3

    Lots of love,

  2. that class sounds amazing! Ive always wanted to do ballet and why not get a sick body while doing it! Have you heard of antigravity yoga? i've just been dying to try it!

  3. wow, GO YOU! That class sounds awesome! They have NOTHING like that around here. boo.

    also, love love love your wedding invitations!


  4. Yay!!!! The invites look so good!!!

  5. I've heard awesome things about pure barre! I wish there was a studio close to me!

    ps love the invite sneak peek!

  6. I've been working out too! :]
    I'm actually quite addicted, which I know is not good.

    Pure Barre? Sounds so intense.
    I might have to see if I can handle that!

    Thanks for following me back. It makes me happy. CUTE wedding invitation. <3

    XoXo, Bree
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  7. I have never heard of that class and WOW, good for you for going! It sounds like an amazing workout!

    Those invitations are awesome! I love them, they are so unique and I love the colour in them!


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