I'm just stopping by to let you know that one, I am still alive; and two, this is my work month-end close week. 

I have to work about 50 hours this week - gross! 

Michael is leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning for his OMG Bachelor party. For four days. 
Me, Nervous? Noooooooo. 

I mean, maybe a little bit, because we are talking about Vegas, and because who knows what goes on in that crazy town! 

I love my bug though, and I hope he has a crazy ridiculous (and safe) time in Vegas.
After all, this is his last trip as a Bachelor! 

Here's to you Babe - don't get too silly ;)

silly brothers

I love you Bug, and I can't wait to marry you!!! 



  1. The thought of Vegas literally terrifies me. If I never go there, I'll be fine. Haha. Hope he has fun, though!

    Sorry about for 50 hour work week. That's lame.

  2. I'm more nervous they're gonna go there and lose all their money than anything haha! Joe has been talking nonstop about poker.
    But we will keep each other company on Saturday and everything will be fine I'm sure!

  3. He gets to go to Vegas and you have to work?! Something's not right with that. : ) Good luck with work and I'm sure the time will fly by and he'll be back before you know it!


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