Thursday Morning Thoughts

Thursday is my favorite day of the week - probably because it used to be my "Friday" for five years in college. 
 I am seriously procrastinating this morning - and I don't feel bad for it! 
I'm sleepy, Pure Barre literally kicked my butt last night, and all I want to do right now is blog.

I feel really good about all our wedding plans - I think everything is coming together well - and I don't foresee myself having many "last minute" plans to deal with. Phew! 

The one little dilemma I've had is finding the perfect shoes to wear with my wedding dress.  
I know I probably won't wear them all night - so I am not planning on spending a crazy amount on designer shoes just because.  
However, I still want them to be super cute - and super comfortable. 

I am such a fan of Badgley Mischka evening shoes - and since I told myself $200 would be the most I would spend - those are definitely in my radar. 

Now, if I were to go nuts (and could afford it), here are a few that I would DIE to wear on the big day.

Oh what I wouldn't do for a pair of those "red bottom" shoes.  Christian Louboutin sure knows what he is doing - and sure knows how to torture women who can't afford his shoes! 

I almost forgot - did you hear the announcement for the new Bachelor?!

Ben F ladies! My man is coming back for a "second chance" at love this Fall.  Technically ABC has not confirmed yet - but all the very "legit" gossip sites have confirmed it - so I'm going with it!

Clearly, things between Ben and Jennifer Love Hewitt didn't work out - the girl can't hold on to a man to save her life!  I like to believe that Ben realized he was way too good for her anyways. 

Eeee! A whole season with Ben - I can't wait! 
Happy Thursday!



  1. Ahh!! I loveee ben, i do, i do, i do!! i really hope he comes back like for reals!! Okay and i might just be in love with every pair of shoes you posted and may need to buy a few! ha. :)

  2. Duh! Spring for the Loubies!
    Otherwise, I like the first peep toe option. =)

  3. Aww I love the second shoes in the list of the possible ones!! And those loubies are TO DIE FOR!!!!

  4. SHUT YOUR MOUTH? Cutie patootie Ben is the next Bachelor? And he was dating J. LOVE? I watch E! all for nothing! I just need to read you!


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