Bridal Shower #1

I apologize for the lack of posts these past few weeks - but work has gotten me pretty busy these days!
Today officially marks the two months stretch until our Wedding Day!!!
I've been busy putting together our beautiful invitations, and working favors, decorations, etc.  This is it ladies!  I am in full wedding mode until October 22nd!

There was such a long gap between getting engaged, booking vendors, and this last stretch.  I feel like there is still SO much to be done.  Luckily, I have an amazing soon to be mother-in-law who has been a HUGE help!

I had my first Bridal Shower this past Saturday - and let me just say that I had the best time ever!

I was really nervous going into it.  You know, being the center of attention and all. But it was great, and even though I had a few moments where I felt like I was having hot flashes and night sweats - I would say I did pretty well!

My wonderful Bridesmaids put together the most beautiful shower I have ever been to. Nope not biased at all - it was gorgeous!!  Warning:  LOTS of pictures ahead!

 I have to say that I have never felt more spoiled, and loved.  
I feel so blessed to have such amazing families, and friends.


  1. !!!! I'm so glad you found ME :)))
    I'm probably going to spend the night reading your blog from start to finish !

    Enchantée ! J'adore rencontrer mes fellow French bloggers !

    Bisous !

  2. showers are so fun!

    I am so glad you had a blast at yours!
    also, did you enter The Shine Project Giveaway at my blog yet? If not, you should check it out and enter!

    Have fun with these next two months, remember to breath!


  3. These pictures are great! Glad you had a blast at your first shower! xo

  4. Your shower looked amazing!!!!! Looks like a wonderful day, I love all the pics! Can't wait to see more of the festivities heading up to the BIG DAY!

  5. Hi! :]
    This is such a beautiful bridal shower. Lucky you. <3

    You are so loved.
    I am loving your blog so I'm following you. :]

    XoXo, Bree
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