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I've been sitting here trying to come up with a good post title, and decided that I should just go ahead and start typing. It's been a while since I've blogged, and I feel terrible for it!

I have to say that our Holidays were good - but a little more hectic that I anticipated. I'm such a fan of Christmas, and every moment leading up to it - but this year, we had to put Christmas aside, because my cousin had to be admitted to the intensive care unit at the hospital, after what we believed, would be her last couple of days with us. As mentioned before, she has breast cancer, which has spread throughout her body - especially her lungs. She does not breathe well, and needs oxygen at all times.

Her doctor suggested she did a procedure where they do a small incision on your side, and deposit a small amount of talc in the area of the lungs where the water kept building up - and preventing her from breathing. She had surgery the Wednesday before Christmas Eve, and unfortunately, she had a terrible reaction to the procedure. We thought we were going to lose her - and honestly, I am still wondering how she is still here. The doctors told us that this is the times where there must be a God, because they do not know how she made it through the whole experience. 

Needless to say, celebrating Christmas was the last thing on our minds. I still managed to go over Michael's house on Christmas Day, and it was great to be around his family. I needed the break - even for one day. We had delicious foods, exchanged gifts, and enjoyed some time together. 

The following days after that, I spent most of my time between work and the hospital, until we were finally told that my cousin was allowed to go home - with a nurse that would come see her once a day. GREAT NEWS! I still can't believe she is still with us; but she truly is a fighter, and I am so impressed with her will to survive this terrible disease. 

Our New Year's Eve was spent at a cabin in the North GA mountains. We rented a cabin big enough for us, and Michae's brothers/wife/fiancee/soon to be baby D! We had such an amazing time relaxing, eating good foods, and not feeling guilty for just laying around in comfy clothes all day! We started this tradition last year, and I feel like this is something we are going to carry on as the years go by, especially when we will have children we can take with us! 


Now onto the New Year! So far, it has been quite interesting. The first week was dedicated to my year-end close at work, where I spent about 50 hours trying to make sure I got through everything that needed to be done for the end of the year. The week was such a blur that I did not even realize it was a 'new year.' 

I'm sure you have heard about the crazy snow storm that has hit Atlanta since last Sunday. We basically got about 6-7 inches of snow - which is Atlanta world means a shut down of our city, schools closed for the entire week, and 3 days snowed in our apartment, with no access to work because of the roads being so icy. 

Hey, it is not everyday that we get a few days off work, paid, and get to work from home in our pj's! Of course, after two days Michael and I started having 'cabin fever', and it was nice to be back at work today. It's funny how much we realized that we needed other humans interaction. I believe that ruled out my idea of moving to a deserted island if I ever won the lottery!  I would get WAY too bored! 

I am basically working two days this week, then have another three day weekend because of MLK on Monday - not bad! But I still feel like I haven't gotten back to a routine just year, and I am ready for it. I have started my "wedding conditioning" diet, but unfortunately I have only gone to the gym once this past week and a half. At least, I can blame it on the weather! 

All in all, things are great - I truly cannot complain. I am getting back into wedding planning, and my big thing right now is to find a caterer. I will feel so much better once we have that out of the way! I have not made any big resolutions because I know that I never hold on to them. 

This year, I have simply decided to take more time to do things. If you knew me in person, you would think that I am a very passionate person, and sometimes I feel like my anxiety translates into that. I tend to want to get things done immediately, and it seems like I am always on to go. 
At work, in the gym, sitting and watching TV - I always have to multitask. I cannot watch TV without playing with my phone. I cannot work without music. I cannot start a project without finishing in as soon as possible. I simply cannot relax, and enjoy doing one thing at a time. 

I want to take more time taking care of myself, and the people around me. I want to take the time to plan my wedding, and not worry if I don't have everything ready just yet. Most of all, I want to enjoy every minute of everything, because time truly does fly by - and I feel like everything just passes me by. Does that make sense?!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately - but I truly did not have the time/energy to do it without actually taking the time do write a good post. 

I am leaving you with a few pictures from the last couple of weeks - enjoy! It is good to be back my lovelies!!! XoXo!!!


  1. i love snow!!! it never snows where i live. well, if by some miracle it does, it melts minutes after hitting the ground. lol

  2. That hot cocoa looks mighty delicious! :)


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