Hello my ladies!

I am finally DONE with our year-end close!
This means I finally get to catch-up on all your lovely blogs.

It's been quite an exhausting first few days of 2012.
I haven't really had time to get started on the new year.
To set resolutions, to get back on track.

I am looking forward to starting my new job next week.
It's a big promotion, in a bigger company.
I am going to Canada my first week!
I will give you more details when I start, and can talk more about it.

I am excited for a fresh start, and a great new year ahead.
I have a good feeling about this one :)

Here is my pick for Music Tuesday. I decided to go French this week.
Because I've been listening to the French radio non-stop.
Because I am home sick these days.

I've posted about him before, but as a refresher, Raphael is my favorite French artist.
I got to see him live in Paris last year - and my love for him only grew deeper!
He is handsome in that French kind of way.
His voice makes me melt.

The song is Le Vent de l'Hiver (The Winter's Wind), a personal favorite.

Below is one of my favorite pictures from his concert last year. I am itching for a Paris trip!


I hope you enjoy it :)
If not, I understand. 
French music isn't for everyone. 
I still love you!



  1. Yay you're back! Congrats again on the new job, I'm so so so happy for you! Plus, you'll get to go to Canada quite often, this is so cool!

    Bisous :)

  2. He's so cute!
    I hope your new job goes well, it sounds like a fantastic start to 2012!!


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