All About My Skin

For some reason, the South has decided to skip Winter for a few more weeks. 
I'm not kidding - we had to turn on the A/C last night, because it was 76 degrees in our apt. 

The South is also known for its awful humidity, which has a tendency to affect my skin. 
I am one of those people who has REALLY dry skin when it's dry out. 
But then as soon as there is a hint of humidity out there, it's hello oily skin to the max. 

It drives me nuts.
I mean, do I have dry skin? combination skin? oily? 

I've used the Clinique 3-Step line for about 8 years now, and it seems to be the best for my skin. 
For the lucky off days when I am in that in between dry and oily.

Except for oily days - when after one hour at work, there is a big shiny spot on my nose. 
So I got the Philosphy "Never let them see you Shine" line.

Well, that was a waste, because I can guarantee you that the shine is still there, going strong, all over my nose and chin!

And don't get me started on "Hope in a Jar".

 Yes, this cream is great. Sure it helps with the really dry days. 
But have you SMELLED it?! what IS this smell!?
I'm not kidding, I can't take it. 
Every time I put it on, it's all I can focus on.

Which leads me to a possible TMI topic: blackheads. 
Gross - I know. 

I was blessed with a non-acne prone skin. 
I might get a pimple here and there during that sweet time of the month.
Other than that - I'm usually in the clear. 
Except for my nose and chin - and the blackheads.
I HATE them. Seriously HATE them!!!

I've tried everything from the nose/chin strips, scrubs, masks - you name it. 
I'm contemplating trying this baking soda/sugar/water recipe I saw on Pinterest.
But I'm a little hesitant.  Baking soda on my face just doesn't seem all that healthy.

What gets to me is that I don't wear much make-up at all.
I use Bare Minerals, and never go to sleep with makeup on.
So what gives?!

Do you have any skin tricks/suggestions that may help?



  1. haha I just started using Hope In a Jar and I love it! I've never noticed a smell at all! Strange!

  2. I'm so horrible about cleaning my face... :/ I just went to the store today and bought some stuff in hopes of getting on a skin routine.

    I tried something similar to what you're talking about on Pinterest... but it was lemon juice & crushed asprin... TOTALLY SUCKED!! AND BURNED! DON'T TRY THAT ONE!!! lol


  3. I have really dry skin and stick to good old Cetaphil. I love albolene to remove my makeup and it really helps to moisturize my eye area too.

    Do you read A Delighted Momma? She posts weekly skin care tips and I've learned a lot from her. Maybe you could find something there!

  4. Totally with you on the blackhead comment! Where do those guys come from???!!! I got a Clarisonic Mia for Christmas and waiting to see the results... none there yet (just a really clean feeling).

  5. @mrsj: really? I've been debating whether to get one or not, but I just don't see how that will go deep into my pores and remove the stubborn ones! I'm thinking a facial might be the only way to go?!

  6. Neutrogena's spin brush face thing! lol dont know the correct name for it but you can find it wal-mart or drugstores in the skin care section. You put a pad on it each time you wash your face and it spins - wash your face with it and it exfoliates along with deep cleans to get rid of black heads

  7. ok you aren't the only one who didn't like the smell of hope in a jar. it smelled so gross. which i couldn't understand why it was so popular, seriously the smell turned me off!

  8. I love the clinique moisturizer....awesome!!

  9. Definitely try the Clarisonic Mia.. It's a bit of an investment, but I LOOOOVE IT. I've been using it for a month and can tell a huge difference in my face!


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