Zadig et Voltaire

Have you ever heard of the French brand Zadig et Voltaire?

The brand became popular a few years before I moved to the United States (wow - 11 years ago already), and I remember back then thinking that I would never be able to afford such a brand. 

Well guess what?  Eleven years later, and I still can't afford it!  Hah OK - let me re-phrase that: technically, I could afford it, but I just haven't let myself pull the trigger yet.  

The only Z&V item I have ever owned was a t-shirt my cousin gave me.  Mind you, it was used - so, I'm pretty sure she simply didn't like it anymore.  I felt so special. 

For some reason, I am on their mailing list, so when I get emails titled BLOW OUT SALE, of course, I rush to the site, only to find out that even their "sales" are still expensive - what a shame!

In due time ladies - I will shop there, and get WHATEVER I want.  

That's why I became an Accountant, OK?  No, not necessarily to have a good retirement, provide for my family, or even have a good career.  I did it for the clothes, the shoes and the purses - there, I said it!  Ok, maybe this isn't entirely true - but maybe...just a little :) 

Oh well.  I am still going to share with you a few things I am drooling over today.  

 Those are just a few things - seriously - check out their website. 
It is a little different than your every day clothes - but I love how unique some of the pieces are. 

Oh and if you ever go to Paris, you will know what I mean.  They have stores ALL over the city.  

Yet again, another reason why I love Paris: the fashion.  Ahhh, I miss my home.

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  1. I have never heard of that before but being the fashion badword that I am, I most def. will!!

    You sound like me. My favorite brand IN THE WORLD is Haute Hippie, super expensive, and the only thing I have ever owned from them is a measly t-shirt. Like you, ONE DAY I will walk into the store and buy anything I want!

    so glad you are back :)


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