Grand Slam

Since I started my new job in midtown Atlanta, I have become addicted to a little juice place called Arden's Garden. 

Let me start off by saying that this place isn't your traditional smoothie shop, where most of the smoothies are loaded with sugar, powders and frozen fruits.  

This is an all natural, fresh fruits and vegetables juice place, with some of the best smoothies I have ever had. 

I started off by going to get a smoothie once or twice a week, to trying to prevent myself from going everyday.  Let's face it, I know "eating" juices every day isn't the best thing for you, so I try to limit myself to three times a week. 

However, while I was getting my smoothie last week, the guy suggested I try their infamous Grand Slam

A combination of four concentrates from Wheat Grass, Ginger Root, Lemon, and Cranberry juices.  They are basically 1 ounce shots that you take in the order listen above. 

Each shot has its own benefit, and combined together, take make you feel AMAZING.  It almost feels like an instant cleansing - and I like knowing that I am treating by body to something so healthy. 

The wheat grass alone has the nutrients equivalent to 5lbs of greens - FIVE POUNDS! How can you not feel great?! 

I am officially hooked.  It is 100% more powerful than my daily multivitamin - and the process is a lot of fun! 

I see people (just like me) walking in the store in business clothes, on their lunch breaks, simply to get the Grand Slam - I am telling you - it's addicting!  I like to combine it with a smoothie, or a light lunch (more than likely a salad). 

No worries, I have not become an all natural foods/juice obsessed vegan.  I just feel like with all the stress, and the not so great eating I put my body through sometimes - I can take the time to treat it to some goodness.

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  1. woohoo for you being back! seriously, I missed you, and when I saw you commented on my blog today I was a little taken aback, like, wha? She's back? YAY! FINALLY! lol!

    and that grand slam juice place is RIGHT up my ally. If we had something like that around here, I would be the first in line everyday. Unfortunately we don't live in a mecca area like Atlanta :(

    but I agree with you, putting good foods into our bodies make a WORLD of difference in how we feel!

    good to have you BACK!


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