my mind is tired

Life is busy.  My mind is busy.  I feel overwhelmed.

It seems like this should be a quiet time, considering I have most of the wedding planning done - and let's face it, it's almost Summertime. 

It just doesn't work that way for me.
Honestly, most of the time I bring it up on myself - but hey, it wouldn't be "me" if there wasn't always something crazy going on. 

What is that, you may ask?  Gosh - where to begin!? You all know I started a new job almost three months ago.  I left Wendy's because they decided to sell Arby's, and we were not sure whether or not we were going to keep our jobs.  

I freaked out - plain and simple - and decided to look for a new job.  Mistake. 

After my first month at the new job, I was miserable.  I missed my old job, my team, and everything about working at Wendy's.  I realize I did NOT like real estate - and basically told myself I needed to do something before it was too late.  

Luckily, I stayed in touch with my old bosses there - and after a couple of emails, a lunch, and some serious consideration - I have decided to go back!

What about the job security?  Well, soon after I left, my department found out it was not going anywhere - and no one would lose their jobs.  Was I upset - umm yes - I hated myself for weeks after I found out.
I am going to lie - a part of me feels like a brat, because not everyone gets the chance to go back to old jobs, and as if nothing every happened.  I am definitely thankful, and NOT taking this opportunity for granted.  I told Michael that I don't want to think about looking for a new job for a very long time!


A side note to all this - I know my posting has been quite scarce lately, and I apologize for that.  If you are anything like me, you get a little annoyed when people don't post for a while - I admit it - I do. 

If I can tell you one thing about me though, it is that when things get hectic, and when I feel overwhelmed, I tend to become quiet.  I kind of seclude myself in my own little world until I can figure things out, and come back out with a smile on my face! 

I just don't think that you all would enjoy this blog turn into "July's vent page" - and if there is anything I have learned - it is that no one truly wants to read/hear negative things.  I would rather post when things are good, and when I have fun stuff to share with you! 

Don't get me wrong - there will still be some venting - just not the deep like altering kind! 

Guess what?! I got to meet Lauren at Life with a Lab!  I love this girl so much, and I am excited to have my first real blog friend!

Thank you for your patience, lovelies :) Have a wonderful day!!!


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  1. sooooooooo excited for you about your new/old job!! yay! and it was great to meet you (and Amber) too! definitely have to go out again soon!


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