Baby Klein #2 Update

I never really did any kind of pregnancy updates with Milly, which I totally regret.

I absolutely LOVED being pregnant the first time around. 
I was lucky to have one of those pretty easy breezy pregnancy from beginning to end, with the luxury of having plenty of time to myself if I felt tired, and needed to take a break.
I also felt like I had a constant IV of Prozac floating through my veins because I was on such a happy high the entire nine months.

Here I am, three years later going through my second pregnancy, and let's just say that it is true when "they" say that no two pregnancies are the same.

I am officially 29 weeks.  10 weeks to go with a c-section scheduled for June 17th.

I had intense morning sickness from 6 to 15 weeks, when I finally caved and started taking Phenergan.  It was not pretty, it was exhausting, and I had to take the meds until week 21.
I've had pretty bad lower back pain combined with a pelvic pain that feels like I have been kicked over and over again, and I have been waddling since week 22.
Oh and I have a all the whole luxury of coming home after a long day at work to take a nice little nap is pretty much non-existent.
Oh and for some reason, I am also dealing with mad pregnancy insomnia which has been the icing on the cake.
And the whole Prozac/happy high? Definitely not feeling it, and definitely missing it.

We've always talked about only having two kids...and I am pretty sure this pregnancy has sealed the deal.
I probably just jinxed myself.

But...of course, there is a BUT.

I am so excited about baby number 2, and having another girl.
I mean yes, it would have been great to have one of each, mostly for my husband.
But the thought of having two little girls close in age makes me so happy.  I always wanted a sister, so knowing that Milly will be able to experience that bond with her soon to be sister makes it all worth it.
Plus, we already know the girl thing, we have tons of stuff already for Baby #2, and I won't have to worry about incorporating Super Heroes in the girl wonderland that is Milly's playroom.

I can't wait to watch these two babes grow up together, and become the best of friends; give or take a few hundred fights along the way :)

And because this is sort of a pregnancy updates, I figured I would share some of my belly pics of both pregnancies.

First pregnancy with Milly.

Second pregnancy with Baby E. 

They were not lying when they said you show a lot sooner with your second. 

I don't mind though.  I secretly love the bump...even if it's kicked my butt this time around!

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