Oh Hey, Friday!

The weather in Atlanta is nowhere near Fall temps yet, but we've had a couple of cool mornings, which have been the biggest tease.  
This has me thinking about all things Fall. 


I need to figure out a way to convince my husband that I have to own a pair of Tory Burch riding boots
It's no surprise that I a huge TB fan, and he's come around to understand that, but at this price, I have some serious convincing to do. 


My girl friends and I are getting together next week for a "craft" night.  
In honor of College Football starting back, we have decided to make wreaths inspired by our favorite teams. 
This is an example of what I am going for - same colors, but mine will say "GSU" for Georgia State University.



The Flair Exchange had a $6 off code yesterday in celebration of reaching 6K followers on Instagram.  I couldn't help myself and ordered two of their tassel garland kits.  
I got this Fall inspired garland, and customized my own in GSU colors (see above).  

Tassel Garland


BabyGap has some of the cutest Fall clothes for babies/toddlers.  They recently had their friends and family event with  40% off your entire purchase, so I picked up a few things for Milly. 

iPhone pics are not the best

Of course no outfit is complete without our favorite felt bows from A Little Lady Shop
I'm pretty sure we will have every color by the end of the year.
My husband thinks it's silly, I think it's pretty awesome. 


Have you heard about Bright Lab Lights
Jordan from the blog Oh Happy Day! has lunched a new shop, and sells these oh so pretty lights that looks like those felt ball garlands.  
I'm seriously thinking about getting one for Milly's room.  

Bright Lab

How awesome would these look in a kids room? 
I kind of think they would look awesome in our bedroom too...hmmm.

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Happy Friday friends!


  1. Baby gap is my kryptonite. no lie.

  2. Those outfits are adorable!! I love baby gap & can't wait to buy Nora some new fall clothes! And the TB boots?! To die for!

  3. Olivia has the same shirt on the left. We got orange pants to go with it. LOVE baby gap! :)


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