Anyone there?!

If you are still reading my blog, first of all, really?! 

Just kidding, but honestly, thank you! 

As you can see, the blog is a total mess right now - but I am working on a new design that should be ready in a few days! I can't wait to get back to blogging. 

Taking a break was a good thing. It wasn't always voluntary, but I feel like it made me realize what it is that I like/dislike about blogging. 

Of course, I will have a lot of baby updates, but I won't turn this into a mommy blog either. 

Or will I?! Hey the way I see it is most people my age (30 - what?!) have kids these days, so we may be able to help each other out, and exchange a few ideas here and there. 

Either way, thank you for sticking around! I'm looking forward to being back regularly. 

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. I am here! Not blogging anymore, but still reading. Hope you are doing well!


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