Happy September

Hello Blog Friends, how are we doing!?

It's been kind of a long/slow week - you know, those weeks that just seem to never end?
I can't wait for Friday (half day!), and a nice long holiday weekend!
Goodbye Summer, August, and HAPPY September!

This weekend kicks off the long awaited college Football season, and that makes me so happy!  We are SO close to Fall, to pumpkin spice candles, to the good holiday food, new TV shows/seasons, and most importantly - some cool weather down here in the South!

Can you tell I am excited for Fall!? 

Tomorrow is the GSU kick off football game at the Georgia dome.  Yes, our team is only a year old, so we share the dome with the Atlanta Falcons, which I think is pretty awesome. 

this will be us tomorrow for the first GSU tailgate of the season! 

Again, FALL is just around the corner!!! 

Michael and I were in Michaels (funny!) a few weeks ago, and they already had their Fall decorations set up.  It smells like Pumpkin in there, and I was in heaven.  Michael said it was way too early for pumpkins.  I beg to differ!

You know what else is exciting?!  The season premiere of the Rachel Zoe Project next Tuesday!
I cannot wait to see her walking around pregnant with her Starbucks in one hand, and holding her belly with the other - DIE!

Rachel Zoe is my favorite, and her show always airs in the Fall, so I end up associating her with my favorite time of the year - and for that, I love her even more!

Until next week, I'm leaving you with Mrs. Zoe, and her take on the upcoming season.



  1. I can't wait for fall or Rachel Zoe either!

  2. Oooh pumpkin spice candles are my FAVORITE! I'm excited for fall, but I am just DREADING winter. Yuck!

  3. I cant even wait for rachel zoes new show! Love her. and I am all over college fb and fall coming. Theres nothing better than a football game in the fall on a crisp night

  4. Fall is favorite season, it just sucks that it has to be ruined by winter! i am so pumped up for tv to start again...especially modern family and parks and rec! also i love me some football!!!

  5. Happy September too! Like you, I'm super excited for Fall and Winter. I just love cold weather. I can't wait for Halloween and Christmas too! <3

    Rachel Zoe is amazingly stylish!

    XoXo, Bree
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