The Real World - Or Lack Thereof

It is only 8.35am, and I am already lacking motivation to do any work today. Can you smell the "two week notice" senioritis?!

I know I should be more focused, but the truth is - I have checked out from this job, and I am ready for the new one. It only makes it worse that it is our month-end close, and I need full brain potential to make it through the next two days.

I guess sneaking in a quick blog post won't hurt anyone now, will it?!

Please don't make fun of me - or worse - judge me based off this post. I can't help myself.

Aside from our unconditional love to each other (and sports, blogs, girlie shows, xbox, shopping, reading, music, books, you name it) - M bug (yes, we call each other 'bug') and I share a deep passion for reality TV - especially MTV shows such as Jersey Shore, and The Real World.

I said don't judge!

Last night was the season premiere of The Real World: LAS VEGAS! Needless to say, we had dinner, and waited like two little kids until 10pm to watch the only reality show that used to be worth our time. Note the "used to be" part of this.

We don't actually enjoy the show, or the story lines. But for some reason, we cannot help ourselves - we HAVE to watch it. We watch, make fun of the new generations and their "oh so tough" lives, and laugh at ourselves for getting so invested in something so silly.

It could just be another way we like to 'bond' - hey, whatever works right?! just kidding ladies!

In all seriousness, I wanted to share with you a little video from what seems to be a very promising season. And by that I mean a lot of uncessary drama, girls and boys cheating on their bf/gf back at home (remind me why people go on the RW when they are in a relationship? don't they know they will break up!?), and of course a lot of drunk fights, crying, and scandalous situations.


The Real World? Not so much.

Please don't stop reading my blog because of this - you know you have your guilty pleasures too!


  1. not judging at all!!! this show has evolved SO muc since back in the day, either that or maybe i'm just getting older hahha. but seriously, if i was on TV doing that and my parents saw any of this i would be mortified!! hha

  2. Oh girl, not judging at all! Reality tv shows are soooo my guilty pleasure. I like to live vicariously through other people's drama I guess?:-) xoxo

  3. No judgement here :)

    I used to love Real World but haven't watched in a long time. I do love my reality shows though!

  4. I could never judge. I watched The Real World religiously for years... Las Vegas season anyone?


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