Fill in the Blank Friday

My life has been filled with all kinds of things lately, and sadly - I just haven't taken the time to blog. There are SO many good things going on in my life (weddings and babies), and I should be so happy.

My work situation is a little stressful, because we still don't know what is going to happen - and I really don't like the feeling of uncertainty. I am trying to take it a day at a time - and hoping something good will come out of it. 

Until then - I feel like January was an OK start of the year. I'm eating healthy, I'm working out, I'm starting to lose weight - and I feel good. GREAT actually. Anyways, that is the update for the week! 

Here are you Fill in the Bank Friday!

1.   If I could only read one magazine publication for the rest of eternity, I would choose  the French version of Elle magazine. It is bi-weekly and I am addicted to it!

2.  If I were to run my own magazine it would be  all about fashion - but not your high-end/unaffordable kind. It would be for the girls who LOVE fashion, but who can't always dress up in designer outfits.

3.  I buy my magazines (at the grocery check stand or via subscription) usually Target. Lately I've been buying a lot of bridal magazines, along with InStyle, Elle, and Women's Health and Fitness

4.  I prefer my magazines (in print or online)  in print - I am not a fan of online magazines. I love the feeling of turning the pages, bookmarking, circling things I like.

5.  The number of magazines I buy each month is  probably 3. 

6. My favorite magazine genre is (lifestyle, gossip, home, etc...)  fashion, health/fitness, and home deco.

7.  The magazines I read regularly are  InStyle, Women's Health and Fitness, and Elle



  1. Oh I like this one! Just might have to do this one this week too! : ) I love my magazines!

  2. I loved reading this. It made me smile! Thanks for sharing some of your favorites with us.

  3. Hooray for losing weight!! Have a good weekend girly!

  4. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and decided to follow you. I will definitely have to try the fill-in-the-blanks, I am a sucker for that kind of thing. And I noticed Doxies in your header! I am owned by 5 dogs, one of whom is a Minature Dachshund, my baby. :)


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