Of Course!!!

As promised, here are more details about what was the most amazing moment of my life so far!

First of all, I was completely taken by surprise. Yes, we had talked about it, and yes, I may have said a few times that I couldn't wait to get engaged, and YES, I may have started looking at wedding blogs well before I knew I would get engaged. Still - I had no idea it was coming.

It was last Thursday, and Michael had decided the night before that we should go out to eat at Maggiano's so we could try their "buy one, get one free" entrees. I was actually pretty excited because I love Italian food, so I barely ate all day Thursday in the anticipation of some good pasta.

I came home after work as usual, and put on E! Right as Michael got home around 6pm, this show called "What's eating you?" came on, and I said I wanted to watch it for a few minutes. It was one of the most disturbing, most depressing shows you could ever watch - and here I was, watching this awful show while Michael sat there, more nervous that he had ever been in his life, secretly praying for me to change the channel.

Finally, I changed to ABC Family, where we caught the end of "My wife and kids." Now listen, we never watch this show, and I'm not even sure what made us watch the end, but we did. At the end, I sat closer to Michael to give him a kiss, and cuddle with him for a minute before going to change for our "dinner" reservations.

I actually caught the bouquet at our friend's wedding last June!

We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, before Michael said: "Remember that wedding venue you mentioned before? We should go see it sometimes"; of course, I wanted to have a "smart" come back and responded with "yea...but we gotta get engaged for that!" (and yes, there is possibility that I had kind of a "yea right" snotty tone to it)

That is where my life changed. Michael answered with: "Well July, Will You Marry Me?"

There was a split second when I realized he had pulled out a ring, that he had proposed, and that I was completely speechless. I had no words and before I could finally say something, I busted into tears.

After two minutes and Michael saying: "you haven't even looked at the ring yet!"; I finally answered "Of Course I Will!!!!"

I can't describe how magical, and amazing the moment was; and how much it meant to me. It was perfect because it was perfect FOR us. I always hope for an intimate proposal, when it would just feel like the right moment, and he could not have done it any better way.

So here I am, newly engaged, overwhelmed with happiness, and looking forward to planning our wedding. We chose our date, and will be getting married on Saturday, October 22nd, 2011. YAY!!!!

I promise not to let this blog turn into a wedding blog, and will limit myself to one wedding related post a week! So be ready for some Wedding Wednesdays updates!

Thank You so much for all your sweet messages - they honestly made my day!


  1. so cute... cant wait for wedding wedns

  2. congrats and the ring is to die for!!

  3. Fabulous CONGRATULATIONS a beautiful ring for a beautiful girl :)

  4. Congratulations!! The ring is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. First of all, that is the sweetest story ever.

    Second -THAT RING!!! I thought I loved mine more than any other, but yours has me second guessing myself. It is perfection. When is the date? Any ideas?

  6. I LOVE how he proposed. I think the best engagements are intimate ones. Absolutely precious. And can we just talk about how insanely gorgeous your ring is?!! Congratulations, beautiful girl! I wish you two all the happiness in the world! xoxo

  7. I am your newest follower and it looks like I came at the RIGHT time!! Congrats on your engagement! What a special moment! You will always remember!!

    Have a beautiful day and don't take your eyes off of your BEAUTIFUL ring!!

  8. Yayyyy!!! The ring is to die for! SO happy for you two. Can't wait for Wedding Wednesdays :)

  9. Congrats, July! What a sweet story, and a BEAUTIFUL ring! You are going to have so much fun wedding planning. I wouldn't mind one bit if you post about weddings 230948 times a week! Have fun!!xo

  10. Congratulations! So pretty and such a sweet story! I wish you lots of happiness :)

    I enjoy your blog!
    Mine is:


  11. Most. Gorgeous. Ring. Ever.

    It's very Tiffany & perfect in every way!


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