It's Getting Close

Happy October Friends! 

This is it, we are officially getting married THIS month! Less than 20 days away, and the wedding nightmares have begun. 
Last night, I dreamed everyone left after the ceremony, and there were barely 20 people at the reception.  My dress was also a bright hot pink, with rhinestones everywhere.  
I'm not sleeping so well, I have tons on my mind, and I just feel like I have SO much left to do. 
It's all good stress though, because at the end of all this, I get to marry my best friend, and I can't wait! 

This past Saturday I had another Bridal Shower hosted by some of Michael's mother's friends.  It took place at his parent's house though, and it was beautiful.  The weather was a perfect Fall day - cool crisp and sunny.  

So here we are, three week countdown to the biggest day of our lives. 
I am nervous. I am happy.  I am overwhelmed.

I will be in and out these next couple of weeks, so forgive me in advance.  
There is a lot to be done, and so little time. 
It's also month-end close week at work, which basically means I will have no time for wedding planning this week.  Which stresses me out even more! 
I'm a mess - but a good mess! 



  1. Yay so exciting! Dont pay any attention to those nightmares just enjoy it!

  2. OMG I can't imagine your excitement. I have nightmares and I'm 7 months out! Ahhh so I guess they don't get any better. Oh man lol

  3. aww...enjoy the last few passes by so quickly!


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