Wedding Bells

I will be back to posting next week - I promise!! 

I gave myself a little break these past two weeks to get adjusted to my new job (and schedule). 

And now I am ready to celebrate David & Betsy's wedding weekend! (David is Michael's brother) 

I am so excited to see all of Michael's family, a lot of our friends, and I think it is going to be somewhat of a preview of our own wedding.  Even my parents will be there!

I could not be more excited for these two - there truly deserve each other.  

I am also honored to be a part of their big day - and share such great memories with them. 

 I mean...true love, or what?!

I love you both so very much, and wish you an eternity of happiness together!!!

Happy Weekend Ladies!!!


  1. I love true love! Have a fun weekend and no worries about the break from blogging. We all need it now and then!

  2. wow how exciting! so happy for them!

  3. that's so exciting! i can't wait until my big day :) your blog is ADORABLE i must say, i'm glad i found it.

    i hope you have a nice break from blogging i know i need that sometimes to catch up on things

    come say hello sometime, k?
    <3, kandice

  4. Okay I was wondering where you have been! Good to know you are still alive! haha

  5. i hope you had a blast at the wedding!!!
    super cute blog, and i LOVE your name. july is my birthday month!

  6. Congratulations!! Here's to the rest of your lives!!


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